Suggestions for staying motivated?

  1. [FONT=&quot]I feel so hopeless with my exercise regiment... It's like a yo-yo. I lose a lot of weight. but then I gain it back in half the time it took me to lose it in the first place! I wish I could stick to something that's more consistent! I am at my wits end and i really need to lose 30 lbs by the end of this year or til mid January. I have a wedding coming up that I am in and i'd like to look good.. but also feel good about myself. because at this rate.. my self-esteem is not all there! :sad: Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated
  2. i find something i like to do, for example i love magazines..and i only let myself read them on my treadmill or stationary bike..if i dont get on the bike, i cant read my US Weekly!!
  3. I stay motivated by setting realistic goals which I know I can achieve. I need to lose weight and I'm doing it very slowly. I would like to be 15 to 20 lbs lighter by next summer, I'm not in any hurry!

    IMHO losing 30 lbs by the end of the year or mid Jan is rather a tall order! I have no idea how a person can lose that much in such a short period of time. May be you're feeling a little daunted since it's too much to lose in too little time and that's why you're finding it hard to stay motivated?
  4. I know what you mean. Everyone talks about losing weight and their routines but what about after you've been there, done that and the weight starts creeping back up due to boredom/burn out?
  5. You need to lose 30 pounds by mid-January? Honey, that's a month from now. Lsoing that much that fast is going to hurt you... please, set a more realistic goal, like 5-10 pounds. (Even ten is a bit much in 30 days.)

    Start excersising and eating right, RIGHT NOW. But don't obsess about it, one can die of heart failure/dehydration or stroke because of too quick of weight loss.
  6. ^^^ very good advise :yes: keep thin photos around, and reward yourself with what works for you. for me staying motivated is as simple as feeling yucky when im not working out. once its in your routine, its hard to cut it out. for me working out (like many other things...) is addicting and i just feel bad when i eat bad. good luck getting back on track though! let us know how it turns out for you!
  7. agree with others, 30lbs in a month is quite drastic. if you want to achieve this, better consult with your doctor and a nutritionist first to make sure you are doing it right and not harming your body.

    set small goals first like Speedy said, 5-10lbs per month sounds good for a start. see how you can do this first before moving onto the rest.
  8. So I was contemplating doing my usual starvation diet for the holidays and my daughter reminded me that this time is supposed to be the happiest time of year. And immediately after that reminder, I saw an ad for a show called ‘How To Look Good Naked’ on lifetime with the guy Carson from Queer eye.. and I stopped and thought maybe i should take my daughter's advice. The show looks very intriguing as it gives women tips on how to look and feel your best no matter what your size and weight...which sounds like something we could all get some good knowledge and advice from.
  9. Keep focusing on the end result on where you want to be. It takes practice... practice.. and when theres a challenge & if there are slip ups, just pick up and move right along.
  10. Yes! Switch exercises.

    If you've been running, switch to setting goals on the bike or the elliptical. Get a new workout outfit. Get a different playlist for your ipod. Switch it up and you'll become interested again.
  11. Take each day at a time and incorporate exercise in your routine every day. For instance, take the stairs, park your car further away, take walks at lunch, or in my case, get up early and don't let yourself do anything until you work out! When exercise becomes part of your lifestyle, it becomes easier to stay motivated - it becomes like drinking coffee in the morning, where your day feels off if you skip it. Be gentle with yourself and find small ways to adjust your routine! Another thing I do is I sign up for fitness classes so I have to go because I've paid the $ and once I'm there, someone else kicks my butt for me! All I have to do is follow instructions.
  12. Pinkaboo, did you watch How to Look Good Naked? Quite inspiring and exciting i thought. Did anyone else watch?