Suggestions for solo travel in western N. America?

Feb 2, 2006
I'm 33 and have never traveled solo. However, I'm burned out and need some ME time, i.e. a 4-5 day trip on my own, away from my job, my two kids (ages 4 1/2 and almost 3), dear hubby, and everyone else in the world. I'd go in December or January. It would be my first time away from my kids since they were born, so I'd really like to make the most of it.

Can all you savvy travelers help me decide where to go? My main goals are to decompress, relax, and be a little self-indulgent. My budget is around $200-250/night for hotel, and I'm flexible on the airfare. My other requirements:

1) Not too long of a flight from San Francisco, where I live. I'd say 4-hour max flight.
2) Have GREAT shopping, dining, and SPAS!
3) Safe area (of course)
4) Relatively mild weather (snow is OK but would prefer milder temps, i.e. NOT Green Bay, Wisconsin!!)
5) Interesting museums and cultural life
6) Beautiful scenery

Hmmm....sounds like I just described San Francisco :shame:. But where else can I get this combo of characteristics? The Southwest? Maybe even somewhere in Canada???

Thanks so much! :heart:


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
Bon Jovi Blvd.
I would suggest Vancouver, BC. It rarely snows in Vancouver and even when it does it is still very mild. Vancouver has awesome shopping on Robson street in the heart of downtown as well as great dining and wonderful spas. Vancouver is a very pretty city.

Though, the state of the currency might be a hindrance in coming to Canada.


Lovin' Life!
Apr 21, 2006
Vancouver would be great! I'd also recommend Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Scottsdale.
Feb 11, 2006
San Francisco
^^^OP lives in SF
LOL. Didn't notice that she said that.

Get out of San Francisco and go somewhere warm! I highly recommend Hawaii then. It has nice scenery, beaches, shopping, and it's safe for a single woman. I loved the Polynesian cultural center when I went there. It's more than 4 hours away but totally worth it.


Aug 27, 2006
I agree with Vancouver, BC. The scenery is beautiful for fresh air and hiking. Another option is possibly Seattle? I'm not sure about the temps in December, but when I went in September it was gorgeous. If you enjoy architecture, I would check out Rem Koolhaas' Seattle Public Library. Also, the Seattle Art Museum has great exhibitions.


For the love of beautiful things
Oct 18, 2006
I just got back from Scottsdale last night. Your price for hotel is right on the money & they have a trolley which will take you -for free- all over, from Olde Town, to 5th Avenue, to Riverwalk, to Fashion Mall.
It was in the 80's there, high 80's this weekend, so I bet you'd get 60s during Jan or Feb.
Feb 2, 2006
Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, ladies! I've been to Sedona (loved it!), Hawaii (bliss!), and Carmel (one of my faves!) so ideally I'd like to go somewhere totally new and foreign to me.

So.....I think Vancouver might fit the bill perfectly! Yes, it's too bad the US dollar is weak there, but I've heard so many great things about how European the city feels and the great shopping. I've also been curious about Victoria and Granville Island. If I go in December, I worry that it'll be miserably wet and cold. But I'm already used to that with SF winters. Has anyone ever stayed at the Wedgewood Hotel?? I welcome your Vancouver hotel suggestions!


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
Santa Fe or Tucson. Both have plenty of culture, interesting restaurants, shopping, etc. Tucson has 2 fab spas. I've been to Canyon Ranch and if you can swing it ($$$$$) 3-4 days there and you will feel like a different person. If you just want a day spa, I'm sure there are good ones in the city.

Santa Fe is known for its arts community and museums including the Georgia O'Keefe museum. It's high elevation, tho, so snow is a possibility.


Sep 7, 2006
come to los angeles!!!
it's not too expensive here... imo hehe
and the shopping here is AWESOME


~Mind, Body, Soul~
Feb 23, 2007
I suggest the Central Coast area, especially the stretches along Highway 1 and US 101 from maybe Monterey all the way to Santa Barbara/Ventura. Lots of wineries, nature, nice little quaint places and shopping, of course!