Suggestions for school PLEASE!

  1. So I went last night to my local Louis Vuitton with the intention of getting the keepall 45 bandoliere for school cause I got a bunch of gift cards for my 21st...when I tried it on somehow it just looked deflated :sad: . So now I'm calling upon the wisdom of the every knowledgable TPF members for a suggestion for school:confused1: . Just to help you with suggestions, I'll give you some stats on me and what I already have...Basically I want something that can hold a lot such as...large binder, a few textbooks, pencil case, water bottles, wallet, cell phone, ipod, etc...I already have the abbesses, large reporter, wichita, bosphore GM, and Naviglio. I've tested out all of them and they're too small:Push: . So now I need your help and by the way i'm 5'11'' and pretty slim. Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. abbesses? reporter?
  3. get teh BH :smile:
  4. Sophiae- I already have them both, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Shopaholiccat- That won't quite work...I'm a guy.
  5. i think maybe the soft briefcase??? but that may be cumbersome... hmmmmm....
  6. Umm I'd personally say a carryall, I've heard you call it a giant purse look-alike, but it is a VERY good option and very cutting edge for a man, after it was made for men. I think the tobago in blue is HOT and there are only a few left in North America!!! Or the regular mono is JUST AS HOT!!!!!! I saw them both at the boutique yesterday. Also the new Cabas Vailblanket and Cabas Innsbruck HOLD A TON!!!! It just depends on your price limit and your preferences of style, I'd say the vail could take a beating whereas innsbruck with it's suede would be UGLY if it was used for school after some use and wear because the suede seems so delicate, it is just WAYYYY too high maintenance.

    Edit: Im just remembering the size of the Cabas in either the Innsbruck or Vail and YES it will DEFINTELY hold all that stuff!!!!!!
  7. How about the Bastille or the Broadway?
  8. How about the Taiga Alexei or Taïmyr or the Utah Messenger Bag?
  9. Broadway MAY work but definitely not the bastille for what he wants 2 fit in it.
  10. There is also the Taiga Kasbek GM tote bag, which is also somewhat roomier - 17" x 14.2" x 5.5".
  11. I know what you should get.... if you want something big like Keepall 45...

    Get Damier Geant Albatros in Black. I think that would be perfect for school, it's big, flashy, and manly.

    Oh oh.. and it's Damier Geant! It's tough! (even though it's "feather-light")
  12. another vote here for the Damier Geant Albatros. I think it would be a perfect bag for school.
  13. I personally like the damier geant pioneer.
  14. Damier Geant Loup