Suggestions for Returns


Mar 3, 2007
New York
I sold a pair of brand new shoes on ebay last week, my listing included detailed measurements, and since I know that this brand runs small, I recommended to size up at least one full size. Today the buyer contacted me saying that she loves the shoes but they are too small and that she wants to return them. My listing did not mention anything about returns but of course I would rather not accept returns due to the hassle.
What are your suggestions? Should I just tell her that I can't accept returns and risk getting a neautral or negative feedback since she is not happy. Or should I accept a return, but how should I handle the refund? Do I give a full refund although I have already paid ebay fees? How do you normally handle situations like this?


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
Spain & France
May I see your auction?

I have had this happen in the past. I forgot to mention I don't accept returns. I ended up refunding her, shipping and all. She was a total PITA though.

Depending on how you think this person may react, I would probably try and persuade her to keep them. Explain you don't take shoes back. However, the flip side is, that you didn't state returns/refunds in the auction. Perhaps she thought if they didn't fit, she could easily return them. Some people just don't realize what sellers have to go through. If you take them back, just chalk it up to a lesson learned, and make sure you revise your future listings. You can always try and get eBay to credit you back. Just be persistent with them. I think if she negs you, it may be hard to defend yourself since you say your auction didn't mention anything about returns....HTH:flowers:


Jan 5, 2006
If you mentioned detailed measurements, then I'd not accept a return. You are not a shop and it was down to her to confirm the measurements before she bid.

I'd suggest being nice, but regretful, that you can't accept returns for anything other than not as described, and perhaps suggest that she now attempts to sell them? (Be prepared for your auction description and photo's to be used though, I've found that generally happens...)

It's really up to you. I wouldn't dream of asking to return something because it doesn't fit, unless, the item is not as described, and the sizing is different to the auction text.

Good luck

Jan 18, 2006
I would tell her to keep them and re-sell them on eBay. As a seller, you are not obligated to take them back just because you didn't state a no returns policy. You gave the size and measurements. Knowing this, she should've asked you about a return policy prior to bidding.


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I also don't take returns, but I allow the buyer to re-use my auction photos if they would like so they can resell the item themselves.

I've bought plenty of stuff on eBay that hasn't fit right and I just have to turn around and resell.


Jun 4, 2006
I wouldn't give the refund, but if I were, I wouldn't refund my shipping or ebay/paypal fees. That way, you aren't out any cash. Also, you could tell her that she could use your images if she wanted to resell the shoes.


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
I also don't take returns, but I allow the buyer to re-use my auction photos if they would like so they can resell the item themselves.
wow that is a really good idea. never thought of that. yeah, i don't sell much on ebay but if i ever did get into it, i wouldn't accept returns either (too much hassle) and if ever asked to refund for a return, i would just tell the buyer to resell it themselves. And that way they'll probably understand what a hassle it is to sell stuff on ebay, and see how *they* like handling returns, lol :smile:


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
^ that really is a good idea! It seems reasonable and you are giving the buyer something without losing out yourself.

I would do this, and not accept a return. After all, she made the mistake and the measurements were clearly stated. Sometimes, buyers just don't think about how much hassle they cause for sellers. You've done everything you need to in this case - now it's up to her to rectify her own misjudgement!


Sep 3, 2007
You could always tell her that you will refund it minus initial shipping fees plus a small restocking fee. Most stores have that policy and I have seen other ebay sellers with that policy too. She may not like that so she'll probably end up reselling it instead.