Suggestions for purse shopping in South Florida

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  1. I'll be heading down to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area next month for a short break. Any suggestions on where to look for good deals on purses? I think I've heard of Sawgrass Mills Outlet. What about in Miami? I'm just not familiar with the area...Thanks in advance!
  2. There's a NM Last Call in Sawgrass Mills. I think there is also one in Miami. The website has their exact locations. Happy Shopping!
  3. EXCELLENT shopping in the Bal Harbour area !!!
  4. mmmmmmm, bal harbour DOES have excellent shopping, all the top of the line boutiques in one GORGEOUS place!

    If you are in the Boca Raton area, the Boca Town Center Mall is pretty nice. As a matter of fact, its huge! And the name brands go on for days.

    As far as sawgrass mills mall goes: bring you walking shoes.
    Its over 6 miles of shops, restaurants and god knows what else! Its got plenty of crap, and plenty of amazing finds to balance it out. The brightest side to sawgrass mills is the newly opened 'Colonade' section. its seperate from the body of the mall, its its own beautiful entity. Valentino, Coach, Pier one, Crate and Barrel(which i love),Burburry,Juicy........ALL AS OUTLETS!!!! GORGEOUS, WELL PRICED OUTLETS!!!!!!!!

    add a day at Lincoln road in Miami for some coffee, shopping and people watching and that just about wraps up south florida.

    if you go north, theres worth ave. but i don't know anything about it. i think that is more anotheremptysky's department!

    drop a line when you get down and let the s.fla tpf'ers know what you liked!
  5. I know you asked about South FL but, if you ever find yourself in Orlando, head to the Premium Outlet Mall. My favorite is the Tod's outlet. Fantastic bargains! There's also a Coach outlet, Ferragamo, Burberry' can find all the store listings at (I have several friends that live in Europe and actually come to visit me just to shop there...the deals are good and the Euro is so strong!) Happy shopping!
  6. Really, go to the Bal Harbour shops. Just follow the a1a along to Bal Harbor.
  7. I don't know if you're driving south but there is a really large outlet mall just north of Sarasota, on I-75 in Ellenton. Off Saks, Coach, etc. I don't get up there often but have been a few times. Happy shopping wherever you end up!
  8. Definitely, visit Bal Harbour shops. Full of designer boutiques, it's a great shopping experience!!!
  9. Yay! Thanks so much for all the tips. I can't wait to go! Oh! And we are driving...via Interstate 95. Will definitely need to make a couple of pit stops!
  10. Cool! Can you stop at a starbucks or panera or anywhere with wi-fi internet to post when you get further south? maybe you can meet up with one of us for a mite of speed-shopping!