Suggestions for Prague, Vienna and Budapest!!!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have a friend who is travelling to Prague, Budapest and Vienna. She asked if I had any suggestions for shopping, restaurants, and such. Sadly, I don't, but figured someone here might have some suggestions!

  2. I've been to Budapest twice...your friend HAS to go to the Hotel Gellert!

    Gellert Hotel Budapest

    It's absolutely gorgeous and has a huge, world-famous ornately decorated indoor swimming pool and spa with skylights. I'm not sure if she likes swimming but it's a must-see anyways! If she's not staying at that hotel she can just pay a small fee for a locker and use of the pool. I found the climate much hotter and stickier than I was used to, and the pool was an amazing retreat to cool off.

    The city is split by the Danube river. Buda is the hillier, more residential side and Pest is the flatter, more business and industrial side. Most of the great shopping and public markets are in Pest.
  3. Hi, I am originally from Vienna and your friend will absolutely love it if she is into classy fashion and loves cafes as well as plenty of culture (Museums, Operas etc.-Vienna is also like an outside Museum-so pretty). The two main shopping streets are Kaerntnerstrasse (my personal favorite as it is very close to my brother’s place and has tons of nice restaurants and cafes between the nice shops) and Mariahilferstrasse. If she is in Vienna she should really go to "Fieglmueller" which is a very old Austrian restaurant serving traditional (yummy!!!!!!) food and is an absolute must. I always take all my friends there and they all absolutely loved it . :yes: It's good to go there early as there are always tons of people trying to eat there (lines are very long at times on a daily basis). I hope this helps! Have fun!:flowers:
  4. Thank you so much ladies! You are the best! Keep those suggestions coming!!
  5. I took Time Out Prague and Cool Restaurants Prague with me last year...both had great restraurant recommendations. I also scheduled a guide for two days...she introduced my DH and I to some traditional restaurants, but I cannot recall the names right off hand...
  6. Ooh that's a great vacation! I did it March 2002. I'm sorry that I don't have many recommendations, we had gotten recommendations from the places we were staying and guide books. But as for eating... I just hope your friends are big meat eaters! I had serious issues there being a vegetarian at the time. I second the recommendation of the Gellert in Budapest. It was a great way to spend the afternoon! I liked Budapest much more than I thought I would. The whole Prague Castle is not to be missed, but I don't think it is possible for a tourist to NOT see it. Vienna has some fabulous museums and the shopping is probably the best there. I hope they have a great time!

    I'll try to find some of the names of restaurants we went to... in Prague we had a guide so we didn't really have to plan anything ourselves... so unfortunately I probably won't have any recommendations for there. Oh, and in Vienna we all thought teh famed Sacher torte was grossly overrated! Omg and took so long to get seated that we were very disappointed after waiting so long to eat there.
  7. Thank you so much ladies! And blue that would be so fantastic if you could get those names- any info is greatly appreciated!