Suggestions for Patent bags

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  1. I am a big fan of patent bags and have so far purchased a black Miu Miu and a black Car Shoe in patent leather. I have small kids, but am obsessed with nice handbags so I love patent since I can wipe it down and don't worry about spills. Would love to get some feedback from other folks so I can try out other brands. Thanks!
  2. Seems like so many designers are doing patent now and they're doing it right! Check out, Hayden Harnett has Zeus leather that's like nothing I've seen before and RM has patent that soooo many are crazy about.
  3. I just purchased this large Lady Dior Bag in white quilted patent,
    it is Classic and gorgeous!
    I always go for patent when I buy white since they are easy to keep clean.
    Will add the picture to my collection shortly in case you want to look at it.
    Good luck finding a nice bag!
  4. I recently got a Rebecca Minkoff patent bag. I loved patent leather before I got the bag, but once I took it out and felt it, I'm in LOVE with patent. The patent is AMAZING!! :love:
  5. I'm a big fan of the Dooney & Bourke Chiara patent bag. They have several great colors available and two different sizes. In fact, a yellow version is the next bag at the top of my list.
  6. I like the Mulberry Bayswater in lavender patent!

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  7. ^^^^ I'm not a big fan of patent leather bags but I agree with BittyMonkey. The patent Bays are gorgeous!
  8. I just bought a Black Patent Treesje Magnolia and am waiting for it to arrive. I just adore the Magnolia bag and the patent is the only one left to grab since its been discontinued :sad: I will post pics when it gets here. PATENT is wonderful!!!
  9. I just bought my first patent bag last summer the Chloe Ada bag, I love it!!!!
    I really want a patent Chanel jumbo classic