Suggestions for odds 'n ends to keep in office?

  1. So I am getting my new office tomorrow (yes!) and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what little 'luxuries' I should keep in there.:p

    I am thinking:


    Any other suggestions?

  2. I see that you live in Arizona, so this might not be relevant, but when I had an office I always brought in a small space heater. I used it Sept. - April.
  3. Ipod, cute mirror, possible some art work and fresh flowers.
  4. I have a card holder in the shape of a large diamond ring (a large diamond ring that stands upright with a clip behind the diamond to hold business cards...and it was only $3.50 at Claire's!), and a Movado desk clock. There's also a pen set with my name monogrammed on it, and a mini waterfall with running water with rocks in it. I don't know if any of that is your style, but I think they're different yet stylish.
  5. about flowers and pictures.
  6. I love for unique things
  7. I have a beautiful very real-looking Bird of Paradise in a tall vase in a corner (You can put a gorgeous one together at hobby lobby or michaels for thirty bucks or less!) and a gorgeous Van Gogh painting for inspiration where I can see it when I sit at my computer :yes:
  8. flashlight
    handheld transistor radio
    extra batteries
    first aid kit
    snacks (dried)
    sewing kit
  9. Great ideas!!

    Especially love the mini waterfall!
  10. Here's some more:

    chap stick or lip gloss
    eye drops
    Tylenol or other pain relievers
    nail file
    contact lens solution (if you wear contacts, of course!)
    Tide stain pen
    Static Guard
    Hand lotion

    I know, I'm all about practicality! LOL
  11. Small bottle of vodka

    These are great suggestions.
  12. ^LMAO!! BEST idea yet!!!

  13. I TOTALLY agree with this- I was caught in the blackout of 2003 in NYC and the flashlight saved me. You can get a flashlight for your keychain if you don't want to keep an actual one. My miniature swiss army knife also came in handy.

    Make sure you have enough snacks to tide you over and make up for a meal in case you don't have your wallet or the time to go and get lunch.

    I keep a real plate and silverware for when I eat lunch at my desk. I also have my own supply of teas, and plastic cutlery and paper plates. Also, some personal stationery might be nice if you want to write a note to someone as a thank-you or whatever.

    Also-keep a spare pair of socks and sneakers in your desk. I also have shout wipes and a mini lint roller and safety pins.
    Congrats on the new office!
  14. word. I live in LA and have always been afraid I'd be trapped in a building after an earthquake or just unable to get home.
    I just thought of another one....salt and pepper shakers....could never find one when I needed one!
  15. Screwdriver, exacto kit and fly-swatter. Good luck!