Suggestions for non-leather shoulder bag?

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a non-leather black shoulder bag for college. I have found the almost perfect one below, only problem is that I'm not keen on logos. Is there anything else which look like this bag?

    Rectangular Shoulder bag (just like the gucci one below)
    Must be able to put A4/letter paper size docs
    Black or dark brown
    Max price of £500 (abt US$800?)
    No logos (not keen on LV damier either)
    Hopefully store selling it will ship to UK

    NB: Might consider leather if it is light in weight!

    Looking forward to all your suggestions! Big Thanks!
  2. Prada - they have TONS of nylon ones sans logo
  3. really? w/o that triangle logo? hmmm... i will go check it out. The last time i went, i still see that same logo on every nylon bag! I admit i do have a black nylon tote with the logo :shame: (but i bought that in the early 90s!) Thanks!
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