Suggestions for new hair???

  1. Ugh! (That pretty much says it!) So I'm pretty tired of my 'look'. I have a very fair complexion and natural BLACK hair and eyes. Lately I've been looking in the mirror thinking I need a change...something to soften my look (which sometimes I feel gives off an Elvira vibe, lol). Any suggestions for my do? I have long 'can be wavy or straightened' hair. The last time I tried something different with my hair, I got highlights that looked like crap and I just ended up having the highlights dyed back to my natural color. My friends said I lost my "exotic look" with lighter hair...I'm half Greek and half Puerto Rican. I know it's hard with black hair, but I desperately need a change!!!
  2. Is it all one length? Sometimes long layers can make a big difference. Bangs like Reese Witherspoon has are cute too.
  3. How about getting a color glaze on your hair , they will change the color slightly and may give you a different look . Or try bangs , long one that you can wear swept to the side ?
  4. Hmmm. I never thought of bangs. Do you think that would soften my look or just make it more dramatic?
  5. I have long layers right now, but I'm not digging those either! lol I sometimes think about cutting it shorter, but get scared. I've had long hair since I was a child, it's my security blanket. lol
  6. Has anyone just gone for it and chopped off their hair??? I admire people who can do that!
  7. I grew my hair out to donate. When it was time to cut, it went from my elbows to my chin!:wtf: I didn't care for it that short, but the nice thing about hair is it always grows back! Give it a shot. Maybe go half way between what you think would be good short and where you are now to see if that "mid point" works for you. If you chop off a bunch, please consider donating! THere's plenty of places that can use it. :smile:
  8. ^^ can you post a photo of it now (?) :tender:

    p.s. that might help us advise you better :heart: