Suggestions for new bag??

  1. I only have a few LV bags, but am after something new. Ive browsed eBay but just can't decide, I need opinions from people who regulary use their bags. Whats a great everyday bag, not too big or small, and that fits comfortably on your shoulder, I find with so many LV bags unless you have teeny arms they just dont sit there nicely.

  2. My suggestions:

    Popincourt Haut
    Cabas Piano
    Aurelia MM
  3. Everday bags? hmm,

    Cabas Piano
    Lockit horizontal

    these are my faves
  4. MC Aurelia MM is the PERFECT shoulder bag!!! It fits so much too!
  5. My favorite year round bag is my Monogram Speedy 30 or Mini Lin Speedy 30. For the summer, I love my MC Speedy. Overall, the Speedy style is really practical and comfortable for me. But, i love all my LV's!!
  6. agree with John & krmkjk, mc aurelia MM, I think not too many women carry the same bag ;)

    Beside it, how with:
    Denim Baggy PM /GM
    Damier Chelsea
    Lockit Hori
  7. I really like the aurelia MM, and I love it but I don't use it everyday. The lodge PM is a bit smaller than the aurelia MM and fits perfectly on the shoulder even with a heavier coat.
    I also have the mandara PM in black epi. This is an awsome bag. It never shows wear. It has one strap with lots of room to wear on the shoulder. It is the most comfortable shoulder bag I have ever owned!