Suggestions for necklace for girlfriend!

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  1. Hello dear friends! My girlfriend's birthday is coming soon and I wanted to get her a necklace for it. After trawling through the website I've narrowed down my list to three necklaces - the four-leaf heart/clover necklace, the open heart and the double ring.

    I would so very much appreciate it if anyone can give me some suggestions on which to pick!

    1) The four-leaf heart/clover's design is elegant but I'm not sure if it may appear somewhat big (?) or if the 'heart' symbol is somewhat less emphasized. But stil in general I still really like the overall feel of it and I think will look super nice.

    2) The open heart is definitely awesome and a timeless classic but the design is inherently non-symmetrical (i.e. slanted to the side) and I'm guessing it may or may not appeal (?) to peeps who are slightly OCD lol. But it's certainly a great choice I feel and something that suits all occasions so yeap.

    3) The double interlocked ring one is another great one which is somewhat symbolic of a marriage and continuity, which I find to be nice. At the same time at the back of my mind I think I subconsciously thought that a heart in the necklace might be really sweet so yea haha...

    Apologies for the somewhat long read and thank you so much for all your help!!
  2. That's nice of you to research this gift and you can never go wrong with a Tiffany. I like options 2 and 3. Do you know her ring size? If not, it would be safer to go with option 2.
  3. If you like the heart necklace and think she will like it as well, then go for it! You are so thoughtful! Good luck with your decision!
  4. Heart necklace!
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    Ahh okay thanks so much for the kind words and suggestions!! Y'all are awesome :biggrin:

    Other suggestions in general or about size etc are most welcome as well :smile:
  6. Open Heart either 16 or 22mm. The 11mm is rather dainty (about the size of an M&M). The 16 mm is about the size of a dime, and the 22 mm is the size of a quarter. If she wears smaller pieces then get the 16; if she likes larger designs then go for the 22.
  7. Ok got it, thanks so much for your input!
  8. The open heart necklace is timeless and a classic Tiffany piece!