Suggestions for my next purchase

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  1. Alright I will try to make this short, but bare with me. So as you all know I returned my Yellow Tobago Keepall and got the GORGEOUS jacket instead! Now... heres the problem

    1.I want the Blue Tobago Keepall now, I saw it in the Celeb section and I am in LOVE with it, I also want the Damier Keepall 50 thanks to FashionMike... now I could do both but only one right now (tobago and the damier at xmas) proably around $2,900.00 after the increase not including tax.. tobago is not going up in price btw...


    2. I LOOOVE the new Damier Geant bags in the Terre, I want the Albatros, Belier, and the Cougar. I could get all 3 bags for around $100.00 more than the Tobago and Damier Keepall combination... I feel like these 3 styles can be used for school, and it would be nice to have a variety to switch off and on. I am not worried about a measly $100 difference but am unsure as to what to do

    The tobago is just amazing and the color and since its seasonal I want it bad, but if you think about it, the difference in price is like $100.00 and i am getting 3 bags for the price really...
    Tobago Keepall 164.JPG New Damier Geant Bags.JPG
  2. I'd go for the tobago, it's just too pretty to resist :love:
  3. Option #1!
  4. Option 1. I'm liking the blue tobago...:yes:
  5. i'm greedy, so if it means getting 3 bags for the price of one or 2, i'm all for it. especially when you think about how you're going to use the items. its pointless to pay that much money on 2 bags that look the same but different prints.

    the tobago and keepall are lovely, but do you really see yourself getting that much use out of them? think about how you see yourself using each bag. write a list of pros/cons and then you'll easily come to your answer.
  6. I like #1 also... but i dont know how often i will use them, where as the damier geant bags look like they can used for school...
  7. Also, :heart: :heart: the blue tobago keepall!
  8. Erm, can't you take one keepall plus another bag (or two) from #2? :P
  9. Tobago keepall!
  10. I could do a Tobago keepall and 1 damier geant bag... but for $100 more I could get 3 damier geant bags lol... not that quanitiy over quality is an issue here...

    2 more keepalls sititng in my closet? I think I would look funny carrying a keepall to school?
  11. Am I the only one with the vote for the damier? Guess so...
  12. I like this option. You can always add the other two geant bags at Christmas & you will probably use them more than you will an extra keepall. I'm pretty sure LV will add some more great Damier pieces later. *cough* carryall??? Azur coffrets are up now & so good looking.
  13. I like the keepalls (both of them) and the Damier geant albatros...

    Age old question of beauty or practicality!

    well.. at least the "beauty" is still practical! Definitely useable - just maybe not everyday.

    My vote for any option that involves getting the tobago keepall. I saw a red version at the LV store and it might my heart go thump thump thumpity thump!! :love:
  14. My vote goes to option #2: the Geant bags look great and you will get more "everyday" usage out of them. I think option #2 combines both "beauty" and practicality!
  15. Matt I'd say get the tobago since it's limited and get one of the geant's that u'd use the most, I say this because it seems u wont use TWO keepalls so go for the limited one and go for the geant because U'll use it as well IMO I'd say the cougar, loupe, yack or albotros are the most versatile because IMO the belier is a camera bag, (I belive it even says so on the LV site) but IMO cougar and yack will be the best.