Suggestions for my new goodies?

  1. :yahoo: I finally got the image tags to work and have pics of my actual stuff posted here.



    What I need to know is what else to do with the super-long skinny scarf! I know I can put it on the bag as I've done here, or wear it as a belt or in my hair. Any other ideas?

    Also, the keychains. Are they durable enough to actually use on my keys or do you guys think they look best on the bag as I've got them pictured here?

    This is my first Coach buy! Yes, I bought 5 things at once. I went a little overboard. But I love it all and I want your suggestions on how to wear the stuff!!! HELP A COACH NEWBIE OUT!
  2. Congrats on your new purchases! You can do many things with the scarf, and you'll probably find out new ways to use it as time goes on. You tie the scarf around your neck and I even like to scarves around my arm and wrist like a bracelet.
  3. the keychains are extremely durable in my opinion, or you can leave em on your bag too! the scarf doesn't really "go" with the bag, but you can tie it around your neck or your head or another non coach bag
  4. you could tie the scarf as a tie.

    yes the charms are durable enough! and even though i know they are durable i seriously always check to make sure they didnt fall off.
  5. Your collection is AH-MAZING. *drooling*
  6. here is an example of the half bow head band way to tie the scarf:


  7. Oh, now THAT is adorable! Half-bow, right? I'm going to try it right now!
  8. right, dont make the bunny ears/two loops/full bow, just do half so that the one loop is over the ear.
  9. I like to use them as waist belts around these big embroidered tunics that I splurged on. They sort of tend to slip off so you have to make sure you tie them around rather tightly.