Suggestions for My First Spy


Nail Polish Fiend
Sep 2, 2006
Hey Everyone,

This is the first time that I've ever posted in the Fendi forum! I've recently been drooling over the shape of the Spy bag and since I'm clueless about Fendi bags, I thought that I'd consult you guys (the real experts).

What are the colours offered? I'm trying to choose a colour that can go with many different outfits and for various occasions, since this will be an investment piece for me.

Do the Spies come in different sizes? I like medium-sized bags because I'm 5'3". I also dislike heavy bags because if I wanted to carry around an anvil with me all day, I would.

Also, I live in Canada. What price ranges should I expect and where are the best places to shop for these bags in Canada? (With all the fakes, I'm not considering eBay as an option.)

Please help! :smile: Thanks!!!
Can I suggest my fav' The cognac! such a beauty! rich color, Totaly in love with this color!

Or more neutral but still gorgeous a black one.

An other gorgeous on, the "chocolat".