suggestions for my first pochette/small bag!

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  1. There's so many to choose from! I'm thinking inevitably I would like one vernis and one epi, but I keep seeing all these different designs in different lines, its so overwhelming I don't know how to choose! But I desperately need a small everyday bag, I'm a light packer. I don't think I want a monogram pochette though for I have a mini pochette on its way!!! Thanks ladies & gents! :heart:
  2. Oh, you got the bug bad!

  3. How about an Azur one ??
  4. Rivet!
  5. :graucho: You know it! Although I probably won't buy this for another two weeks or so, its hard getting out there these days, so much overtime!
  6. Damier Azur [$285 USD] or Perforated Pochette [$540 USD]
  7. This is actually growing on me, Although I'm thinking of this in the mini pochette. If not maybe the pochette!
  8. Vote for Azur pochette
  9. Have you seen the Pomme lexington pouch? Oh my lord, that is the most beautiful little bag! I saw it in the LV boutique and it took every ounce of me not to buy it. You should get it if you'e looking for a vernis pochette. The azur pochette is also very cute, and it's a perfect pochette for summer/spring.
  10. I'm in love with the vernis!
  11. Thanks for the pricing John! I think I must have something azur now! :graucho:
  12. I didn't yesterday unfortunately! That's my other vice, I'm thinking either pomme or indigo if I could track one down! I just got a pomme ludow and LOVE LOVE the color. It's right next to me LOL!
  13. I like the Azur!
  14. aarti i totally vote for azur! either pochette or mini pochette! :yahoo:
    here is a pic of mine.. it might help speeding your hunt! :graucho:
  15. vernis or Azur would be a cute first pochette!