Suggestions for my eyes? Help please!


Jun 10, 2020
Hi guys, I would like to fix my eyes but I don't know what procedure to get. My problem with it is that it is very hooded and fatty and it pushes down onto my double eyelids.

I did the suture method with fat removal about 3 years ago (home based, I was young and dumb). This was because I originally had very puffy fatty eyelids that would sometimes swell and puff up after sleeping, I know it is kinda hard to tell from the pictures because my fringe is kinda covering my eyes but I really do not have any better pictures to show. After my eyelid stitching, I was quite happy because I finally had a nicer crease, even though it was sewn quite unevenly lol.

As time passed, my eyelids slowly started to drop, which is the natural process. However, it has collapsed so much that I am now left with, i assume, excess skin and very fatty eyelids which weigh down a lot and engulf my eyelids. The fat that was removed also seemed to have returned somehow? Besides this, there is the presence of a whole "fat pad" beneath my brow, extending all the way to my eyelids. I had this since young. I have never seen anyone with similar eyes, and i find that the presence of fat quite unappealing. I am not sure what procedures I need. I just want clearer and brighter eyes, and a less fatty orbital rim (if that is the right term), I don't need parallel or eyes that are bigger. What do I need? brow lift? Incisional blepharoplasty? Help!


IMG_0770 3.JPG

IMG_0778 2.JPG



May 12, 2013
Hi @resinart, I wish I could offer you some useful information, but I really am not sure myself. I've heard of brow lifts and temporal lifts (to lift up the entire temple/forehead area), but I think it's better to weigh the overall pros and cons with another upper blepharoplasty, which could possibly fix the issue and take out the fat again.

Out of curiousity, and if you don't mind sharing, would you let me know which surgeon you went to in Singapore? I'm also from Singapore. Feel free to PM me.