suggestions for my 10th anniversary present?

10 year anniversary gift?

  • diamond stud earrings

  • something fabulous from VCA

  • a wedding ring (finally!)

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Apr 8, 2008
When my husband & I got married we didn't have much money so we mounted a family heirloom 1.75 c old' miner's cut diamond in a simple white gold setting for my engagement ring (which now due to a reaction with my skin looks yellow gold). We didn't have enough money for a wedding ring at the time, so I always joked that on our 10 year anniversary he would have to pay up!

This summer we'll hit the 10 year mark and I have a $12-$15K budget to pick out what I want and I desperately need the advice and expertise of TPF-ers. My original thought was to get a diamond wedding band, but they seem so prevalent now and maybe not as "special" as I envisioned 10 years ago. It also seems to take away from the simplicity of my engagement ring, which I adore (an upgrade to the er is not possible as I am a crazy sentimentalist).

I've narrowed down my choices to these options. What do you think?
1) simple diamond stud earrings
2) something from Van Cleef & Arpels (like a white gold mother of pearl motif alhambra necklace)
3) some sort of wedding band that is fabulous but still works with my simple er

Thanks so much for reading this long post!


Oct 9, 2006
Congrats on your 10 year!

I would say maybe try finding a wedding band that you love and that will work with your e-ring.... OR

Since you said you dont want to upgrade your e-ring what about possibly just changing the setting and still keeping the original diamond you have, and then also getting a wedding band to match the new setting?!


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Feb 18, 2007
id say you "make him pay up" heheh!!!!!!! Get the wedding band since that is what you decided on 10 years ago...and maybe you can get your diamond reset in the original design if you dont like the gold or redipped? There are tons and tons of bands out there that are unique and will make your ring pop...

my dh and are are getting ready to celebrate our 1st anniversary with an aquamarine band from tiffanys to match my ribbon ring, we thought that would be fun and cute and different! :smile:


Jul 16, 2007
An anniversary band with that budget would be AMAZING! I suggest going to a nice jewelry store for inspiration and try on everything you can. If you really don't find something that you think will work with your ER, then I would go with studs. You could get some pretty fabulous studs in that price range!
Mar 29, 2009
Bring love from every direction! The Margo Manhattan interlocking heart rings are 2 rings that fit together to make one. They are the perfect 10 year anniversary gift you have been waiting for!!! my friend had them made in Rose Gold!


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Apr 8, 2008
Thanks for everyone's suggestions - looks like I really should focus on getting a wedding ring so I finally have a set. I like the idea of re-dipping the ring in white gold luvednotspoiled, I hadn't thought of that. That seems like a good way to freshen up the ring without making any major changes.

I also like the idea of an aquamarine anniversary band since aquamarines are my husband's favorite. I'm going to Chicago this week so I plan to do some "investigative work" on the magnificent mile, which my husband has told me is really just a thin code for "shopping" :smile: