Suggestions for Mom - First designer bag!

  1. Hi guys!! OKay, I searched for this topic, and I came up with a few threads that didn't get much response, so I was hoping that if I gave a bit of background, you could share your suggestions with me for what I could get my mom for her first designer bag!! ;)

    Also, I would love to know what handbags your mom uses! This might give me some great ideas!

    OKay, here is some background: My momma is an adorable 60-ish lady, who lives in the northern mid-south/Midwest. She is retired, so the main function of her bag would be personal. She likes to carry a TON of stuff with her (I'm not even sure what it all is!), so she definately needs at least a medium to large bag. She has a small frame, so a bag as big as the Mandy however - would be too big/heavy for her.

    Target : Merona® 2-Pocket Shopper Handbag - Black

    The bag above is similiar, but not the same bag she is carrying currently. Last time I saw her bag, it was a red color, in a similiar look to the above, but more of a "hobo" shape - so that the double handles went into the body of the bag with no hinges, etc.

    I'm am open to suggestions... I have a Coach store & an outlet fairly close... Colors... she usually wears deep colors, like red, green, navy, etc or understated colors, like gray, taupe, mauve, etc. I'm open to any brand of handbag really, but I thought it would be adorable for her first "designer" bag to be the first brand I got into as well...

    Another option I thought of, is there is a Macy's by where she lives, so I could get something there (in case it really doesn't work for her, or I could take her and she could pick it out). WHEW... okay, alot of talking - hope this gives you a good idea, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!! I am flying to see her one week from tomorrow!
  2. That Target bag is really cute!! My Mom will not spend more than 60 buck for a bag, and would be hard pressed to use it if I bought her one (she is stubborn) My Mom carries a Leather "The Sak" Hobo, actually a really cute bag.

    I like the Hampton Collection, would she prefer leather? I like the Hampton Leather carryall bag.
  3. She would want leather, signature isn't something I see her with. ;) Also, I'm wanting to get her a nice leather bag that will hold up against the wear and tear that she gives bags.



    So far, while looking online - I've found these two bags that have potential. I guess I'm wondering if the bag having outside pockets or not matters - I'm not really sure whether she uses them. The bag she has right now looks very similiar to a larger version of the Marc Jacobs Anouk. (It's not a designer bag though.)

    Hmmm... I guess I'm wondering what the outlet lines look like right now too...??
  4. That's true what you said about getting her to use it.... but I am hoping I can go the quality angle with her - how long it would last her, etc.

    Maybe the idea of looking at Macy's with her is better, because that way she has some input too....hmmm.
  5. Coach Outlets have a leather or suede double pocket business tote (not sure of exact name) that is like the bag photoed. She might like that. I would look at that or the Hamptons Carryall Lines.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    I thought about the carly, but I think I need to look at the sizes, because I'm not sure how much they fit. I really like the Ali & Andrea are adorable, but I can't see her with them... (She's not a fringe & studs person, she likes simplicity, unless it is a holiday. LOL)

    She used to wear alot of skirt suits for work, and now she wears alot of "matching outfits"... like by Alfred Dunner, sounds wierd - but looks cute on her... Anyhow... I am wondering what those Business tote with pockets from the outlet look like... does anyone have one of those?

    Off to eBay to search I go... if I have numbers, maybe I could call the outlet and see what they have. (Its semi-close, about an hour...)
  7. That is a really classy looking Bag!!! Good Choice.

    I get tired of using the same avatar so I switch it up a if I get a new bag for spring I will have reason for anothe one!!

    Do you know when the new stuff comes out? I will beble to buy something come spring (I plan on getting framed wristlet the fold over one soon I hope, but a bag will wait for spring)
    I was even thinking of looking on ebay for last years Hamptons Nylon tote, I like the white and pink or the black.
  8. LOL... sounds like a great reason for a new bag to me too!

    I think I heard somewhere that the new line was going to be out sometime in March?? I am really going to try to focus on accessories, as I feel I am lacking that area!

    Thanks! I really like the Business tote with pockets too, after further investigation, I actually found one in red too!

    eBay: *New Coach Extra Large Soho Pocket Satchel/Tote $498* (item 330083785626 end time Feb-06-07 14:06:58 PST)

    I like that style... I'm going to try to look into what other colors it comes in. I think that if I got something like that, she wouldn't put up a fight about using an "expensive" bag! ;) I really like the white & pink nylon tote - I ended up with the light purple one, as an impulse buy...
  9. I actually like the red better, and it is a better price.
  10. Bagsforbubbles... When I was at the outlet last weekend they had tons of the Soho pocket tote for 198.00 with 20% off. They had a few of the larger ones but I'm not sure of the price. The colours I saw were, white , black and mahogany
  11. The red is stunning! I am almost positive that I've seen it in a camel/doe color at the outlets.

  12. coach1979 - Thanks for the info!! I think I am going to have to call the outlet before I drive all the way up there... especially since I am horrible at driving in winter weather. :yes:

    Anyhow, since I am starting to get an idea of what to ask about and what numbers to ask about, that is really good!

    I like the red one better too!! And it has Best Offer, which I love.... :graucho:
  13. I like it in both red and camel. She could carry either color year around, too. Spoken by the one who carries black year around. :p