suggestions for medium size blk leather hobo

  1. I'm trying to find a nice black leather shoulder bag when I stumbled on to this subforum. Was planning to purchase LV epi leather but not liking their shoulder bag selection. Have never seen Gucci leather but very intrigued by those on I want a medium size bag. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it under 1K.

    So far I'm liking the "new britt" hobo with the small discrete logo in the lower corner, the abbey medium hobo with d-rings, and the britt medium bag with the large interlocking G ornament(a bit pricier at 1295). Forgive me as I have no clue how to post pictures.

    Any comments? Are they comfortable on the shoulder? Are they light or heavy bags? I'm leaning toward the new britt hobo but would welcome any suggestion.
  2. Here are my Gucci Hobos


  3. Hi, and here are my Gucci Hobo
  4. i really really love beljwl's hobos. you should try those out at the store, it might be the one for you. :tup:
  5. I have the exact same bag as you but in brown. I have a question for you. Do you find it comfortable or uncomfortable to carry?

    Here are my thoughts on the bag.

    What do you think?

  6. Thanks
  7. Hey, beljwl
    I think that the strap is a litle thin, the sowing on mine is not under the strap but on the side, the ends of the strap is not so bad, maybe it because I have a litel more fat :graucho:
    and I always have tshirts on ore more.
    But I have the same thought as you, when I come home, the bag will be :yahoo: if they have done as you wrote.

    "They really needed to make it a flat strap and also make it adjustable. Then the bag would have been perfect".

    Hope You understand what I mean, or please write again, sorry my english:tdown:

  8. [​IMG]$1095 "wave large hobo"
    [​IMG]$1035 "britt medium shoulder bag"
    [​IMG] $935 'princy' large hobo
    [​IMG]$1040 same as above but with guccissima leather
    [​IMG]$1195 'princy' medium boston bag
    [​IMG]$1100 'chain' medium hobo
    [​IMG] (in black) $1190 'signoria' medium hobo
    [​IMG](in black) $1190 'duchessa' medium hobo
  9. [​IMG](in black) $980 'abbey' medium hobo
    [​IMG](in black) $1050 'abbey' medium shoulder bag
    [​IMG]$950 'new britt' medium boston bag
    [​IMG]$1150 'britt' medium tote
    [​IMG]$870 britt' medium shoulder bag
    [​IMG]$890 'new britt' medium hobo
    [​IMG]$695 'new britt' medium hobo
    [​IMG]$750 'new britt' medium tote
  10. [​IMG]$890 'new britt' large tote
    [​IMG]$1150 'britt' medium boston bag

    ^^There is everything around the 1000$ range..hope that helps!:smile:
  11. As for the bags you mentioned, I like the new britt hobo best :tup:
  12. Woo hoo! What a comprehensive list of bags!! Appreciate it kneehighz!
  13. thanks kneehighz for the wonderful suggestions. I actually had a chance to go to a gucci store while on vacation this week. SA told me the leather new britt hobo is a web-exclusive. I did see the fabric one, it's a bit small but I think will hold enuf for me.

    Can anyone comment as to how durable gucci leather is?