Suggestions for large MP color?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a large MP now (I know, me and my whims ;) ) so I'm trying to decide what will be a good color. What is your favorite color? Suggestions please! I am currently thinking of canary yellow (not sure if that is still available anymore) and oatmeal, but am definitely open to suggestions! Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. I love the creams and whites of the MJ family. Also, I think he has some great blue shades. Tapioca is beautiful and I also love the new large Navy MP!
  3. I think red, black, or yellow would be great! ;)
  4. My fave colors that's available for large MP are Spearmint, Honey, Cocoa, and Amethyst.
  5. ^ I would LOVE one in oatmeal.....yummy!!!
  6. I'd like suggestions, too, on a dark pink bag with gold hardware. Yes, I did say gold! I keep seeing the combo of gold and pink in home furnishings and in clothing magazines. Now that those colors are stuck in my head, I'm curious if MJ calf leather bags, esp MP's or Blake have ever come in that combo. If anyone tells me that they have one, I'll be very jealous!
  7. I'm enjoying my large MP in Bark.
  8. I wonder too - I've only seen pinks with silver
  9. And the Cocoa lrge MP in 2006 Resort is luscious. Gold hardware a little bright for me as everyday bag though.