Suggestions for key organization?

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  1. Hello all...I'm fairly new to this forum but not to the world of addiction to all things Louis ;)...
    I'm looking for something that will streamline my current key issues...right now I have a monogram key holder and 8 keys to deal with, so I can't snap it closed and it's really bulky when I fold it together. Ideally, I'd have something to hold my keys in less of a "smushed" way, plus hold my keycard and maybe some bills/CC if I want to travel really light.
    Any suggestions:smile: ? TIA!
  2. I was considering that but it doesn't have key rings...I need something more compact but with the little hooks for my keys, one that'll fit in a larger bag. Not to say I am not coveting the Wapity as well!
  3. I was thinking that too! I love the Epi and MC ones...but I worry that the keys are dangling loose and would scratch the interior of any other bag I'm using (8's such a hassle) I just being too picky? I know there's a Louis out there for me that fits the bill:P !
  4. Do you really need all 8 keys???? if you could reduce to 6 or 4?
  5. I've got keys.... Holy moly..... I have them on keychain, separated by other keychains by what property they belong to.... Keychains.... I have little cards for the PickNSave, Gym, Borders, Jewel, Dominicks, Petsmart, Hallmark, Office Depot, Borders, Binnys, Ace Hardware, Discover Card.... Car Key Fob.... It weighs a TON. I get a workout just lifting up the keys. The keys are the one thing I never leave the house without. I can't lock it up with out them. They are my life. They would never fit into a nice, neat key holder. Wahhhhhhhhhhh! :weird:
  6. I got so tired of those little store cards breaking off my keyring (the "bolt" pochette extender) that I took them all off and I keep the lot of them in the change pocket of my Epi wallet. Makes it a lot easier to deal with.

    The pochette extender is something I bought on a whim (heh) but it is the best keyring/holder I have ever used. I love being able to clip my keys to the D ring in an LV or Coach bag, so I can find the darn things! The best part of this keyring is that it slides out to add/remove keys instead of being one of those normal (and annoying) ones where you have to pry it apart and thread the key around the ring until it's on there. Not only is it always difficult to pry it apart just for a regular key, but it's pretty much impossible to get a car key and/or remote on it because of the fat plastic. But this one was so easy and they hang so perfectly. LOL
  7. Geez, after posting about the Pochette Cles and reading others' comments about the LV keyrings, I think I want a Cles of my own! :shame: I could use a little purse for change and something for my keys, and attaching keys looks so much easier with the Cles. See what hanging out with you guys does to me! You're all turning me into a drooling, money-burning, LV fiend! :lol:
  8. I feel your pain:lol: !
    So now I guess the question is...pochette cles or 4 key holder?
  9. I bought a slightly different version of this in the early 90s (LV of course, $55 back then), and it really does come in handy. I wish the clip were a tad bigger, but it's nice. My real loves though are my Hermes and Tiffany chain keyrings. Too bad more companies don't make them anymore. I thought Bally did as they had one on the website, but when I called, he said it's not really a key holder, it's more of a purse charm. Darn.

  10. I use a bolt key chain/ pochette extender for my giant-sized rectangular block thing that starts my car. And I also use a key and change holder for my 6 keys (house, etc.).