suggestions for key chain / key fob?

  1. i lost my keys last weekend :crybaby:

    as a result i've had to replace the keys, but i also need a new key chain... any suggestions for a cute one? (or where to look? i used to use a coach enamel heart one.. but i'm open to anything as long as they are cute)

    thanks :biggrin:
  2. I think Coach has the prettiest key chains. I've recently taken to using a Louis Vuitton monogram cles, and I love it. It's great at keeping my keys from scratching up everything else in my bag.
  3. How about the TPF keychain one of the girls here is making? I got one and they are very nice and adorable!! :smile: Do a search on TPF keychain to find this info!
  4. This keychain made me laugh:



    She also makes cute keychains like this:


    Other suggestions you might wish to consider:








  5. i think there are many cute ones on eBay.

  6. I have a question (that has been nagging me, LOL, for awhile): those of you who use the LV key-holders, what happens if you have the remote controls for the door locks, car alarm, etc.? These don't fit in the key holders. Or am I missing something?

    If you use the cles - Is that the zippered pouch with the key ring attached? (sorry, I don't remember the names of some of the LV things), then when you are driving the car, you have this pouch hanging down from the ignition. I had one years ago, but that kind of drove me nuts. Or do you remove the ring of keys from the LV piece before starting the car? (sorry for my anal questions) I have always wanted something LV for my keys (other than just a fob) but never came up with a satisfactory way of carring a key ring with 2 sets of car keys, plus the two remotes, plus house key, etc. Any suggestions on how to do this successfully?:smile:
  7. how about the tpf keychain charm?

    ooppss..i just realised someone has already suggested this =P
  8. Sorry, I didn't realize there is a Cles Club, so I can go over there and ask about keys and cles, etc.