Suggestions for jewelry shopping in Rome, Italy

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  1. I'm going to Rome for the first time this fall. I always buy a piece of jewelry to commemorate my travels. I know that the big name houses like Bulgari and Buccellati have boutiques in Rome. Can anyone recommend other worthwhile fine jewelry stores in the city? I usually try to buy jewelry that isn't branded and is evocative of the place I'm visiting, even artisanal. I would love input from anyone who is familiar with the area. I would also be open to stores that sell estate or antique pieces.

  2. Perhaps a visit to Buccellati?

    They are Roman (place not time :biggrin:) and totally amazing
  3. Thank you for your suggestion! I LOVE Buccellati! The designs are so elegant and feminine! I think they originated in Milan and not Rome, although I am sure they have a nice boutique there. I will definitely have to check it out.

    I am wondering if there are any smaller "mom and pop" type jewelry stores in the Centro Storico....ones that sell branded jewelry but also make their own. I do not know the area at all. I know that Florence is famous for selling gold, but I figure Rome must have something too...because, after all, it's Rome! Lol.
  4. I was just going to post a similar friend is going to Italy and I was going to give her $ to purchase a piece of jewelry for me. I don't know her town but I know it is 18kt gold. About 10 years ago she brought me back a slider pendant that is amethyst and really unique. I may give her $500-700 to purchase something. I'm not sure what I should suggest. Any ideas? I have pearls and DBTY necklace and bracelet.
  5. Well, staceyjan, it looks like we Italian jewelry enthusiasts are in the minority! Lol. I'll see if I can help you, since I have been to Italy a couple times in recent years (just not to Rome, which was why I was asking the question above about stores there).

    It really depends on what city your friend is visiting. Florence is famous for its 18k gold (the Ponte Vecchio is there, which is an entire street dedicated to selling gold). There you can find pieces with the beautiful textured Florentine finish and also Buccellati-type jewelry with delicate filigree. Both are favorites of mine. I believe Venice is famous for its glass jewelry, although I haven't been there so this is just what I have read. Southern Italy has more Greek influences and that is reflected in the pieces. I went to the Amalfi Coast and Capri two years ago, and the jewelry there has brighter, bolder colors and designs. Very island-inspired. From my own research, Rome seems to have Etruscan-type designs and larger pieces with symbols, like snakes, evil eyes, and even Roman coins.

    All of that being said, you can really find almost any kind of jewelry you want in Italy. The suggestions above are just what is specific to each region. To help your friend out, I would try to decide what kind of style suits you most and what type of jewelry you'd prefer. Really, you can't go wrong and it will be a wonderful piece you will cherish!

    I hope some of this rambling helps. Lol.
  6. Thank you for replying! I'm not sure the area but was hoping to give her suggestions. Maybe you will see something that will catch your eye. Enjoy your trip and post pics of your selection when you return.
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