suggestions for how to list on ebay???

  1. Hi, need some advice here...I've read many of you have sold your Balenciaga's on eBay. Can anyone share any suggestions on what has worked or what you think contributed to your sold purse? Thanks a bunch!
  2. I've sold two B-bags on eBay. I think people tend to be more trusting of people selling their own bags than of people who buy large quantities and turn them over quickly. So be honest about how long you've had it and why you're selling it. And look around at other listings for verbiage ideas.

    I always make sure to say that my auctions are final sale. Also, payment is due within 48 hours (or 24 depending on my mood) of auction end. I also ask international buyers to email me prior to bidding, just so I can converse with them about how the shipping charges will be different.

    They say the best time to end an auction is Sunday evening, but if you google that topic, you can find more info.

    And lastly, don't get discouraged if you don't have a buyer the first time you list. It's an expensive item so it's kind of a right-time-right-place kind of thing and it may take a few listings.
  3. Good pictures and lots of them so buyers can authenticate the item.
  4. I agree with abbyroad: keep it honest about where you got it and how long you've had it. Also, I always keep the listing very simple with lots of pics(agree with Fred and Ginger too). I do a little research before I list and watch a few bags that I think the listing is particularly good, and I even take notes on those sometimes. Also, if you've NEVER sold on eBay, you might want to list a few less expensive items to get the hang of it first. Good luck!!
  5. I agree with what everyone else said, too. Plus I forgot to add another thing -- look around and see if anyone is selling the same thing. See how much they've listed it for. Check completed listings and see how much similar items have sold for. Good luck!
  6. Always research for similar items and learn from them.
    Try to get hi resolution photos and a very good and long description. And last but not least, put as much as you can info in the title cause most people search only in that section.
  7. take good close up pics of the things we use to authenticate, like the shoulder strap hardware(bales) silver tag, stitching and rivets etc
  8. thanks everyone for your tips! Thanks a bunch abbyroad for the good info!:smile:
  9. I've only sold LV bags but you need HUGE pictures. Email me if you're not sure on how to do this. I find that this really helps - this way, the buyer can see EVERYTHING and then have it authenticated by their own measures.