Suggestions for high quality lesser-known designers?

  1. I'm looking for a little help, and am hoping since most of you seem to be serious bag experts that someone will be able to help. I LOVE huge, buttery soft leather handbags, and am totally jealous (but in a nice "I wish I were you" way, not a mean way) of those of you who can afford the big name designers. The bags I've been drooling over are WAY out of my price range, however, and rather than go buy some knock-off (:tdown:), I'm trying to find some bags by lesser known designers.

    I just really want something that is nice looking, and made of high quality leather that will age well, and am not concerned with what designer made it (that comes later, once I actually have some money). Does anyone know of some designers or stores that would be good to try? I'd like to spend less than $300.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I recently purchased two Cromia bags for around $140 each. This italian brand has been popping up at Marshalls a lot lately. The Leather is to die for...thick and buttery soft with some great craftmanship. I can definetly see this leather aging beautifully and it's a bigger bag which I love. If you search for Cromia, you'll come up with the thread I started which shows pictures of the bag I got in Black and I also have it in a bronzey brown. As far as I know, they don't have a boutique or anything in the USA but if you have Marshalls near you, you should go take a look.
  3. Try Bulga. They're having a boutique sale in the next week or so. I've seen them marked down significantly during the sale season as well, usually less than $300.
  4. Linea Pelle bags are of wonderful. soft, smooshy leather and can be purchased on sale at her website or at Bluefly. Take a gander also at Andrew Marc when on sale, and at Hayden Harnett. The latter has frequent sales that historically have featured great bags at steep discounts.
  5. Try Elliott Lucca as well. Zappos has a great selection. Also Lucky Brand has some cute bags.
  6. I love Fossil and Tylie Malibu b/c the leather is really wonderful, and the prices are more affordable..

    The red fossil here is one of my favorites from their line. The stitching is excellent and the leather is amazing.
    fossil1 (Small).JPG APACHE_STILL.jpg tylie_spy.jpg tylie_wristlet (Large).JPG
  7. I haven't had any first-hand experience with Tano leather, but others have said good things about it. They have great designs and are usually priced under $250. Also, although it's not a lesser-known brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs bags have excellent leather and can be found on sale for less than $300.
  8. Biasia bags are really good quality leather and you can find them discounted as well. I love the leather...Hype bags have a good leather too and they're not that expensive. You can find them on Bluefly (check for coupons under the sales thread).
  9. Elliott Luca, Sigrid Olsen, and Linea Pelle are great suggestions. Also try the sale Gryson bags - I love their leather and suede linings! They have some good deals on the sale section of their site right now, and sometimes you can find great prices at Nordstrom Rack.
  10. Thank you for all the replies! I've looked through most of the designers listed (I'll get to the rest tonight) and I love quite a few of the bags I've seen. You guys are great.
  11. Hayden Harnett are awesome deals when on sale and are about as buttery soft as you can get! Gryson is great also.
  12. If you like to frequent TJMaxx and Marshalls many times they will have unique buttery soft Italian leather bags by various designers. They are priced well. I have bought many over the years and they hold up great.
  13. Via Spiga is also a great designer. I got a great bag at Marshall for $100.00 the leather is like butter so soft and smooth. You can check out their web page at www.via
  14. Well, I did it! I bought a Hype bag on Bluefly: Hype Florian flap satchel

    It was on sale for $129, and I had a $30 off coupon, so it was totally affordable. And it looks beautiful! Now I just have to wait to receive it.


    Thanks again for everyone's help.