Suggestions for Hermes Watch

  1. Mods, if I have posted this in the wrong place i apologize-:sad:

    My godmother/business partner is inquiring what I would like from Hermes for my birthday next month. Of course I could give her a list of H bags that could fill a page:graucho:, but they are so hard to acquire. So I was thinking maybe a watch.
    I already have a Rolex w/ diamond markers and diamond bezel & a Chanel J12 w/ diamond bezel. I have searched the forum and looked at the jewelry thread in the reference sections. I know Hermes would not be considered as a "real watch" but more of a luxury fashion watch. Nevertheless I would like to stay within Hermes for a watch choice. I like the larger watches, my Chanel J12 is the 38mm.
    Any suggestions you ladies & gents could give would be appreciated. TIA
  2. I would definitely recommend that you take a look at the Cape Cod. It comes in three sizes (I believe it's three? Maybe two), and the medium size is very popular with ladies who like a larger watch (the smallest one is quite petite).
    The Cape Cod comes in either stainless or gold, and occasionally you will see a white gold one. They also come plain or with diamonds. I personally think that the plain style in stainless with no diamonds is a lovely fairly casual everyday watch. Much less dressy than a Rolex or Chanel J12!!
    The straps also come in the much-coveted Barenia, as well as just about any and all leather and/or color including exotics. The "double tour" strap is very popular, and gives a very fashionable look, as it wraps twice around the wrist.

    And BTW happy birthday soon! Mine is next month as well, and I may just ask for a new watch too.
  3. ^^^ thanks Cynthia! That sounds like something I would like. And yes, like you said, I am looking for a more casual look since I already have diamonds on the rolex and Chanel J12. Have any idea about the price point for the watch? Any one who has pics to post I would REALLY appreciate it!!
    Thanks again Cynthia!!!
  4. No problem! You have good timing as I am in the market for a casual watch as well.
    The price point is approx. $1800 USD, I believe. It's a bit more for a double tour strap.
    Pics in a moment.
  5. I agree with CynthiaNYC! My beau owns a jewelry store and carries preowned Rolex watches. Every once in a while he'll take in some other brand watch as a trade and recently had a mid-sized yellow gold Cape Cod with diamonds.

    It was stunning IRL, and he had several customers practically fighting over it. It really is a beautiful watch. And if I recall, it had an ETA movement which is the same as the Rolex Tudor and many other high end watches have...
  6. Pic courtesy of Myampie on eBay...this is an unusual Cape Cod in that it has a black face. The vast majority have a white face. This watch is also solid gold. This one is the smallest size, and you will note that there is no second hand nor date.


    Here's the much more common white face, which I personally also prefer. This is the medium size, with date and second hand. Pic courtesy of sluxury on eBay. (Not sure what's up with this band, though, it has a weird texture)

  7. Thanks MissusB!!
  8. Yes, those are very nice. Thanks Cynthia!! The price is good also. Is this watch ever worn on a single strap?
    What is the style watch that looks like an H?
    I am sorry to be such a novice to H watches, but I have always followed Rolex, except with the one purchase of the Chanel J12.
  9. Not a problem at all!
    Yes, you can certainly get a Cape Cod with a single strap. I have seen it worn with a rouge h croc strap and even though the face of the watch itself is simple, that made it really, really stunning!! Of course, you can get plain leather straps too with no problem.
    The one with the face that looks like an H is the H-hour. Also a lovely watch, even a little more classic than the Cape Cod. One sec for photos. The one thing I will point out is that some wearers say that the fit of the H hour is very very important because the points of the H can poke you in the wrist a lot if the watch is moving around on your arm.

    Here is the only one I could find in a quick eBay search...just to show the style of it.

    Edited: here is a site that has a lot of different Hermes watch styles so that you can view different looks with different faces, bands, etc. Have fun!!
  10. Thanks Cynthia for going to so much trouble to find the pics. I like the H Hour also. I love the idea of the Rouge H croc strap. I will check out the link you included.
  11. Check out the Maxi H-our watch. With diamonds. And alligator strap. :yes: I believe there are photos of it in the reference section. Hold on. Let me see if I can locate PBC's watch.
  12. Here you go, Penny.


    This is the Maxi size. I have one too, BUT (big BUT) without the diamonds, and I regret not buying this one :crybaby: It's so pretty.
  13. pazt's cape cod watch with diamonds and rubies. :drool:

  14. I do recommend the Cape Cod as well. It is so simple but elegant on the wrist. Try to get one with an automatic manual movement. You will have fun with various available watch straps for this watch. H watch straps are the BEST and feel great on the wrist. Try to get stainless steel or white gold which seem easier to match with different colors of straps.
  15. Oh MrsS!!!!!!! OMGOSH!!!! PBC's H Hour!!!!Just when I said I already had 2 watches with diamonds and was going with a more casual one - LOL
    That is so gorgeous!!!
    Patz has a beautiful watch as well!!!
    What about the Maxi-H you have w/o diamonds? Do you not like it at all?
    I love the size of the Maxi-H!! The idea that I could change the straps would be so much fun choosing new colors!!!!