Suggestions for Hawaii?

  1. I'm thinking of a holiday to Hawaii next year, and i need guidance!

    Can anyone give tips on where's best to stay? what time of year to visit? what to do whilst there?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. which island are you planning on visiting???
  3. :yes: I am from Hawaii and Live on Oahu. I suggest staying on Maui becuse it is a good mix of paradise and "city." Also has a lot of history there. Oahu is pretty over-developed but still has some "untouched" areas. We do have the best shopping of all islands. High end stores galore! The island of Hawaii has a whole lot of nature type activities and you can go and see an active volcano with lava flowing into the ocean as well as other outdoor activities. Kauai is even "slower" than Hawaii with very little shopping and mostly sight-seeing. Lanai is an island that is pretty much for golfing and the beach.

    Once you decide what island (you can also decide to do multiple islands, inter-island travel is about 100 round trip) let us know and the Hawaii girls will help you out.
  4. DH and I went on a 15 day honeymoon to Hawaii. We did 5 days in Maui, then 5 days on Big Island, finished with 5 days in Oahu. I thought that was a good variety and we got to see a lot. I think spending any less than 5 days on each island would have felt too rushed, how much time are you planning?
  5. My brother-in-law and his family live on Lanai and we've been there a few times. rileygirl is's for golfing and the beach. We LOVE it! It's the perfect relaxing vacation!
  6. Oahu is way too touresty, which is great for shopping and that's pretty much it.

    Maui and Kauai are great for doing things like horseback riding on the beach.

    The Big Island is great if you want to play golf, visit a sugarcane field, see how Kona coffee is made or see a volcano.
  7. This January, my family of 4 and two sisters took a 9-day vacation in Hawaii. (9 days total because we could not take too many days off at one time. Are you restrictive with time too?) The vacation included a 7-day cruise and a 2-day/1-night stay at Wakikki Beach.

    For first timers to Hawaii, I find cruising provides a convenient and efficient sampling of the islands. In addition, instead of tiring ourselves traveling to and from airports and flying from islands to islands, we get to sleep in comfortable beds while traveling and be refreshed to take shore excursions duriing the day. We did many things, such as diving, snorkeling, hayaking, hiking, sighting (active and dormant volcanos), and (yes) shopping (for Kona peaberry coffee, macadamia nuts, and etc.). Of course, you can also do horseback riding and other more adventurous activities.

    After the cruise, we stayed in a condo for 2 days and 1 night. Of course, we spent the first day (cruise ended in early morning) enjoying the beach (across the street from the condo) and doing water activities such as surfing and swimming. We ate dinner while watching the sunset from our balcony. At night, we strolled along the shopping centers near the condo, and listented to the musicians' live performance on the streets. The next morning, we visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial. After we had an early dinner at Wakikki's Cheesecake factory, we headed to the airport for home.

    Other than having a great time, the best part about the vacation is that the cost is not very high. Here is how:
    1. For the cruise, visit for the 90-day sale specials. We went with Norwegian America. Cruise sale was 85% off.

    2. For the condo, go to Hawaii Vacation Rentals - Hawaii condo and hotel rentals from We stayed at Royal Hawaii Condo for less than $500 a night (not bad for 6 people) including tax and tips. The condo has 2 bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen, dining room, and living room. It provides many amenities. I find the washer and dryer particularly helpful, as we had many wet clothing to wash right away after a swim. The fully equipped kitchen was also helpful. We ate breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner in the condo, although we did not cook. Yo can check in your luggage early to free yourself so you can go to the beach before check-in time (at 3PM), and you can store your luggage there after you check out and do some more sight-seeing.
    One advantage of the condo is its location, right across the street from the beach (balcony facing the ocean) and right in the heart of the busy tourist shopping centers.

    3. Car rental - You definitely need a car to get around. Also less expensive than taking cabs. We took a taxi (actually limo) from the airport to the cruise ship ($25 one way) and after the cruise back to the airport to pick up the rental car (a 7-passenger luxury van). As a result, we needed to rent for only 2 days.
  8. The name of the condo is ResortQuest Waikiki Beach Tower.
  9. Nobu opens in May (if you like sushi) and the Sheraton Moana Surfrider is an awesome hotel.
    The shopping there is phenomenal!