Suggestions for green bag??

  1. Has anyone seen the bag katie holmes is wearing in this months issue of people? im not sure who makes it, but im really interested in finding a bag that style and color. It's bright green leather and sort of slouchy. any suggestions would be great! thanks
  2. Thank you! yes thats it! wow everyone is so helpful here!
  3. gotta love the shallow obsessing! i love TPF, it's totally an online community of supportive great people! ENABLERS! BE CAREFUL OMG i should warn you, you're about to spend all your money bc of this place... hehe.
  4. Just curious, I bought this bag yesterday and I paid $1695, did I overpay? I bought it at Barneys.
  5. I thought the Day with the GH was $1295. That's the price I saw at my Barney's.