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  1. I'm totally flat a flat foot gal. I have NO arch on my feet. It is terrible b/c the only shoes I find myself wearing comfortably are the Reef flip flops. Sometimes they are not enough for a cute skirt or dress. Recently I have only purchased flats from Jcrew & BR b/c I can't justify spending $300 on a pair of shoes I can't wear more than an hour. I live in warm climate so Uggs only work when I'm on the mainland.

    When I ask SA's for their opinion, they only try to sell me the inserts and stuff. My poditrist gave me a list of 'recommended' shoes and there are only 2 brands off that list I would buy from (reebok & new balance).

    So I thought I'd ask my high fashion PF'ers for suggestions/recommendations. TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have flat feet as well and wearong flats make my feet look so bad! I actually prefer to wear heels so it doesnt look as bad:flowers:
  3. I too have flat feet, but I'm so used to wearing flats now that my feet don't bother me. I do love Dr. Scholl's and Foot Petalz.
  4. agent_provocateur, I wished I could wear heels like you. They actually hurt more than flat shoes for me:sad:
    SuLi, I haven't tried Foot Petalz. I'll have to look into that. Thanks.
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