Suggestions for first time house buyers gift

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  1. My very close friend and her boyfriend have just bought their first ever house, a beautiful 3 bed 3 bath pile in Charminster, Dorset :yahoo: and I want to buy them something beautiful to mark the auspicious occasion! We've been friends for 6 years and so over the years have bought them both plenty of picture frames, vases etc etc so am looking for ideas?

    I was thinking about some really nice bedlinen maybe, but then I suppose I'd need to find out what their decor is going to be and would need to find something that isn't too girlie as her fella isn't down with that.....

    Suggestions gratefully received!
  2. Hi Passerby,

    No, nothing's out of the question :smile: Those vases are stunning thankyou! I love how you always come up with the goods!
  3. Thanks for the kind words :smile: When do you need to get the gift for your friends?
  4. We're not headed down there til the 22nd June for their party (once Graduation is out of the way and our Doctor friends come off nights) so I have plenty of time to have a good browse.

    Riffraff, thanks for the link although it came up as an entertainment company however I googlied and found it - my bank manager is not going to be happy, I want to buy lots of it for me!
  5. omaha steaks, if they have a barbecue area. we got that as a gift, and my husband loved is the gift he remembers the most.
  6. There are some beautiful pieces in Annie's Glass. Google it and see. I couldn't find the piece I always give (if it's a close friend), but it's a modern-squared bowl with a platinum trim. And geeeeeeee, is it ever a lot less expensive to order from them directly than it is at the boutique here. Anyway, there is a bowl that is large enough to put fruit in for beauty's sake, or use as a salad bowl, for practicality's sake. Maybe you have to see Annie's Glass in person to see how beautiful it is, but it's a gift everyone/anyone would love. It is in clear glass and platinum (or gold) trim, so would fit in anyone's home.
  7. Although it's not as personal, as a new homeowner a few years ago I received gift cards from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Depot. Believe me, they got spent quickly and then some! Not sure if there are equivalents to that in the U.K. but it's another idea.

    Otherwise, I think bed linens in something simple and chic is a great choice!
  8. I have bought a few of my friends monogramed towels for their bath. I always pick white as a background color and then the monogram done in a color they have talked about. I usually buy 4 large bath towels and 6 regular towels and 6 hand towels. I add scented candles and scented linen and room spray and gift wrap it in a beautiful basket. Everyone has loved these and they all use the towels. It is kind of funny because once I started buying monogramed towels for myself I don't want plain towels. It is just that extra little something that makes it so special.
  9. I like to buy plants, and since it's spring now, it's the perfect time. If there isn't much landscaping, a rose bush would be nice. If you want to go simple, a hanging plant and shepard's hook, or a nice potted mixed plant would be lovely.
  10. I know it isn't very original but I always get something from Alessi, and haven't found one person yet who didn't like it. it is designer for the home, after all ;).
    btw, I can't remember for UK (when I lived there I never visited a first time home buyer) but here we bring salt and bread for a first time visit - it is for good luck in the new house.
  11. Stevie, how about a unique pencil miniature sculpture?

    jenmaestre custom pencil urchin - fantastic!


    Buying works of art can be so tricky. This artist in Greater Manchester does fascinating work:


    The Writer


    Teatime dreams - silhouette print set of 4


    How about a lovely cushion or two - joom has lots of these: