Suggestions for first time Fendi buyer...?

  1. I really want to get a Fendi bag and love the ones with the signature fabric, but need help picking one out. I don't have a Fendi shop near me so I can't exactly go and look for myself. I would like something medium in size. Also, I would like to spend less than $1000. Anyone have a bag they absolutely love and couldn't live without to reccomend??
  2. I have a Baby Spy that I absolutely love. That's the one bag I have that gets the MOST compliments. They have one on Jomashop for less than $800.
  3. oh yes, I couldn't think of one at first but I would recommend the baby spy as well. You can get it in leather with the inside lining with the signature fabric, or the fabric/leather baby which I also think is still on jomashop.
  4. I am pondering a big Fendi purchase too, hung around Neiman Marcus for a little while today and decided that I really like the baby Spy. It's a good size and very light, just wish I could carry it on my shoulder, but then it wouldn't be as cute :p
  5. zucca magic bag--only one i personally really like in zucca
  6. Once you get a spy, you're gonna want another! Their addictive. The new tribal baby spy is a fave of mine. it's about $1200 retail though. You're probably gonna want a baby spy if you want to spend less than $1000 and want to make sure its authentic. I saw the jean baby spy which is very fashionable, both in person (I almost couldn't put it down) and on (for about $800- The Zucca print bags are too flashy for my taste....but they ARE beautiful indeed!

    Let us know what you decide;)
  7. For my first, I want a Medium Spy in either zucca/nappa (cheaper) or off-white leather... or one of each.
  8. Zucca Chef bag - comes in a lot of variations and sizes.