Suggestions for first Hermes Scarf

  1. I would like to purchase a scarf and scarf ring from Hermes. Since this is my first scarf, I would appreciate any suggestions you ladies have as to which one to purchase first. I would like to use the scarf to accessorize black, ivory and white clothing.
  2. Tell us a little bit about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, style, etc..

    Are you a minimalist or do you like a lot of detail?

    Do you like animals? If so...which ones?

    Do you prefer modern art or more traditional realism?

    Just a start...
  3. Also what your coloring is will determine which colors look best next to your face. I find that I really love detailed scarves, preferably with people on them versus florals.
  4. Oh and I recommend a wooden or horn scarf ring as a first one. They are around $105 USD. They are light weight, match every color you can think of and stay put. Versus the metal ones which are heavier and sometimes will slide around on the scarf as you go about your day.
  5. If you go to a Hermes boutique to purchase the scarf and the ring, then let the Sales Assistant advise you. They often come up with designs that one wouldn't have thought of and that are just 'it'! I am sure with their assistance you will find your right 'first'! Good luck!
  6. Well, I would say colour is not a problem as most designs come in the black/white colourway.

    You could see some on the website here.

    Do you like designs that are simple or with lots of details?

    Also, you can see the new designs here in this thread.
  7. Thanks ladies for the replies. Hello2703,there is not a H boutique close to me. The closest one would be a 6 hour drive. So I have to look at pics and read threads to get the info I need to make choices for my H purchases.
    Quinn's Mom, I like detail, I would tend to be more traditional in my style, I LOVE color, I love animals, I have a mini schnauzer who is my "baby". I love the Hermes plush horse, not sure if it has a proper name or description. I love the H logo. My style is more corporate casual, but I do love to "dress up" on occasion.
    Gazoo, my coloring is light. I am a natural brunette w/ green eyes. I do have my hair highlighted. I too think I would prefer something besides florals for the print. Thanks for the scarf ring FYI, I will purchase one of your recommendations.
    I would like something classic and traditional as my first scarf purchase and then proceed to the more modern prints. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Thank you Lyanna. I viewed the thread and I have looked at the site, but was just not sure hwhat would be the best choice.
  9. Gazoo, my favorite color is purple :smile:
    OMG - I love the scarf in the second link you posted!!!!!! I love the reference to the equestrian roots of Hermes. Such a beautiful scarf-- thanks
    BTW, I have enjoyed reading your post about Princess B, I love the pics! The only trip I have taken down Rodeo Drive has been w/ you and Princess B. It is truly a beautiful street.
  10. just to add my 2 cents, i find that scarves with lots of detail are the ones that work the best for me - since i have only very few, i like them to match a bit of everything.

    since you want it to match both white and ivory, i'd suggest something with very little white OR ivory in it doesn't clash if you want to wear a white-toned scarf with an ivory top, for example.

    i hope that helps a bit! personally, the first scarf i thought of for you was jeu des omnibus, which gazoo suggested (the 3rd one she posted). i think that would tie beautifully, and might be a little more manageable to learn tying with, since it's a bit smaller (27x27, vs 35x35 for a standard carre).

    hope that helps!
  11. How about this one. I am receiving mine soon
  12. My first H scarf had lots and lots of color. I could wear it with almost anything. I think that if you pic somwthing that does not have 1 very dominant color you will be able to wear it with all sorts of outfits. Here is a pic of my first scarf, it got me addicted

  13. Thank you all for the links and suggestions. All the scarfs are so beautiful. I love the colorful ones. Yes, having one with lots of color would be nice for a first purchase. I saw the scarf worn around the waist on the playtime with your scarf download. I think that is the way I would like to wear it for a while. I think I need to look for one with black/ivory/white/red/navy etc..
    So i can wear it at the waist with solid color outfits.
    And of course purchase the one in the second link Gazoo posted I LOVE that one!!!