Suggestions for Diaper Bag with Long Shoulder Strap


Dec 17, 2015
Hello everyone!

I'm pretty new to purchasing LV bags. I have a Galliera PM, but am looking for a bag that's larger (most likely GM) to use as a diaper bag. The only problem is, I'd like for it to be roomy, but also have a shoulder strap so I can wear it as a messenger bag. Are there any suggestions of retired bags or maybe something I'm missing that LV is currently selling?

I really like the Totally, but I don't believe I can add the longer strap to it.

I've also considered using the Speedy 40 with a bag organizer. Has anyone done this and have advice?

Thank you!


be. here. now.
Apr 15, 2014
I've used the Sac Flanerie 45 as a diaper bag (discontinued). It is very roomy and can be carried on the shoulder (not as low as a messenger or a crossbody, but still comfortable as a shoulder bag). I personally love this bag. The only thing is that it is basically like a giant speedy with no inner compartments, so I've used wet bags to keep things semi-organized. I also own a speedy 40 and although it is a big bag, it isn't great for carrying with a baby because of the handles since you carry it in the crook of your arm or with your hand. Before I found the flanerie, I also looked at a few other tote style bags, like the cabas alto and the luco tote. A pic of my flanerie is below and you can also do a google image search to see how it looks on. There is a bigger size too, the 50, but the 45 is plenty big.