Suggestions for Detachable Straps?

  1. Hi my fellow purse addicts!
    I have about $350-$400 to spend on a new handbag.
    I want something in leather, preferably in a tan or light brown color. I really like the look of those totes that transform from being hand held with the nicely rolled handles, to being a shoulder bag with a strap that can be removed if need be, because it's just so much more convenient for me.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank You!:smile:
  2. Sorry, didn't notice the Junior Drake Claudette is out of stock.
  3. How about Anna Corinna mini city tote (or regular city tote) in butterscotch? I love mine! The picture shows tobacco but scroll down and you will see the butterscotch hanging there!
  4. 1ad1_1.JPG
  5. THAT'S IT!!!! That's the purse I have been looking for but didn't know it!!!! This is what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU, ThisIsMyPurse!!!!!!!
    I love this one! Awesome suggestion:yes: ....thanks!!!!
  6. try doing a search for ko.des and you'll find another convertible bag, with pictures.