Suggestions for cute Make-up bags under $50?


Aug 7, 2008
i've gotten kate spade and juicy couture makeup bags for less than $50 at loehmanns. have also seen juicy ones at tj maxx/marshalls and Nordstrom rack


Jan 13, 2010
I cannot bring myself to pay for a cosmetic bag when I get the free ones when Clinique has a free gift with purchase & I have probably 50 or so saved up. Consider buying a makeup set, and right now around holiday time would be a great time to get a free gift like a cosmetic bag. Many times they even have two bags in each offer, one small & one large. They don't last forever but they are actually very nice.


A Dude
Sep 18, 2010
Southwest USA
Disclaimer: Though I don't wear makeup myself...or carry a cosmetics bag (I do have a Kiehl's plastic travel pouch though, for skincare)...

I have heard people say that Henri Bendel is the best for cosmetics bags...

But I'd have to second jroger1. A lot of the higher-end and premium brands will have nice bags/cases/pouches as gwp, part of a gift set, or purchase-with-purchase. A prime example: the Coach for Estee Lauder one out right now that will soon be sold out everywhere.

What brands do you favor? If a (handbag/apparel) brand you enjoy also has a beauty line, you might be pleasantly surprised. For example: Dior GWPs are VERY Dior-esque (often using the same style charms and quilting). Burberry's new beauty line has packaging that is very plaid/check-ish, though I'm not sure if they have a pouch with any of their products. Armani and YSL also come to mind. Not too sure about Chanel though...anyways, have fun exploring!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
Do you live anywhere near a MbyMJ store? If so, you should check out the Special Items -- TONS of things <$50, including accessory cases and clutches. You can see a lot of the Special Items on the MJ website, but there's even more things in the stores

(you can't buy the Special Items online, but all of the stores take phone orders and do charge sends - but you're best bet is if you live close enough to visit one)