Suggestions for cookery to become a Domestic Goddess!

  1. Can you recommend me a good cookery book? I have too much time on my hand so I am trying to improve my cookery skills!

    The level that I am on is something like Nigella Bites and Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson. I think (N.B. the word think, LOL) I mastered the ones I want to on those so I want to move to someone else's so good cookery book suggestions would be appreciated.

    Please don't say things like Gordon Ramsay or Nobu Matsuhisa or any other haute cuisine books because I will probably blow my kitchen up with the Brûlée flame torch thingy! :sweatdrop:
  2. i have tons of cookbooks but i go to the net for recipes these days. there are tons and tons of good recipes online i would try that.
  3. Oh, sorry! My mom had Mrs. Beeton's All About Cookery but her edition tells you how to gut a fresh-killed hare! I think it was from the 1950s.
  4. For simple recipes that turn out really nicely, I like the Mark Bittman cookbooks (The Minimalist Cooks Dinner, The Minimalist at Home) and his big one (the one cookbook I would take if I had to get rid of the rest ) it "How To Cook Everything" :yes: The only drawback to his books, few to no photos. Another series are the Barefoot Contessa books, also big on simple recipes with quality ingredients, but her books are loaded with gorgeous photos. Have fun looking!
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. In the end, I chose randomly (and may regret later because it is seriously advance :sweatdrop:) Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking by Harumi Kurihara and less worryingly Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver.

    Though I am still interested in Mrs. Beeton which is now out of print because I am still scared - I always have to get someone to do this - of killing a lobster by driving an icepick through its head when it is wiggling its antennae thingy :push::crybaby:.
  6. ^^ I'm not sure if I remember correctly as Mrs Beeton is with my mom, but I think she suggested boiling lobsters and crabs live and cleaning them afterwards. :yes:
  7. The BEST books I have by far are by Bill Granger - great food, easy and tastes amazing! I cook a lot and I mostly use his books.

    welcome to bills