Suggestions for Coach Bag for Teachers

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  1. Any suggestions on a good bag to use for teaching?
  2. Glam tote - holds heaps, full zipper , comes in pretty patterns or leather and can be had for a reasonable price at outlet.
  3. Totally agree....the glam is very comfortable even when full and at outlet prices you could afford a couple to switch out ;)
  4. Yep, Glam Tote! Leathers and fabrics!
  5. I think I'm going to replace the old first gen black glam with a newer one... From this season:smile:
  6. I have a glam leather (was my first purse) and am a teacher, but I would need something bigger than that to hold like expanding file folders, music, lunch tote.

    I just got the hamptons weekend sig stripe in large last week and love it. Nice slit pocket on inside for my ID/keys, but a zipper for extra pencils and such I don't want falling out, can throw my food tote, water bottles, extra sweater. Rather have too much space than not enough.
  7. I love the Lindseys for holding my MacBook Air 11 inch, iPad, a file or two and my wallet and other assorted small items.
  8. I did the same thing lol The new ones with the wider spaced handles r so much better :smile:
  9. I am a teacher and the glam tote is not wide enough for all the stuff I carry. I like Lindsey, Legacy Duffle, and a Rory would work well. The Audrey's from last summer were terrific.
  10. I am a teacher as well. I know this is crazy, but a few of my work tote bags, have been basic black diaper bags. A student teacher I met in college suggested them. I like them because they usually they hold a ridiculous amount of stuff, have lots of pockets, and are easy for me to carry with other stuff I might have. Just another route to think of...
  11. Exactly what I have been thinking. They have some nice canvas ones that would wash it nicely.
  12. Rory is my workhorse work bag, but maybe Tanner or a Bleecker tote from the mens line?
  13. Unfortunately my bag ends up on the floor....a I use a non-Coach leather tote I got on sale at Macy's that has been my workhorse for the last few years. I use Coach wristlets to carry my personal stuff, and when I look inside my bag, I smile. I also use my Coach umbrella.
    I carry a lot of crap back and forth to work:P, so I just can't justify using one of my good bags...
  14. I don't think there is a style big enough for teachers! My mom taught 3rd grade. She would carry smaller coach bags but used a rolling cart to hold files, papers, and books. Save your back, get a cart on wheels to transport stuff and carry whatever bag you like!
  15. Have you checked the Coach men's line? There are some gorgeous totes, messenger bags and briefcases available there. If you have a Coach men's outlet nearby you may find some great buys on FP deletes and also sometimes on the factory online sale.

    If you order a bag from the men's line from you can get a monogrammed tag to go with it!