Suggestions for cleaning my Dior charms on my Dior Lovely bag?

  1. My charms and silver hardware are starting to look a little dull. What's the best way to clean them? I wonder if a jewelry cloth would suffice or if I should send it in to a bag specialist? Has anyone else had a similar issue? The charms on my Lady Dior are perfect but then again I do not use it as frequently as my Dior Lovely...
  2. I always using the Tiffany jewelery pouch in suede?? , those little blue jewelery pouches u get with diamond purchase. Not the silver ones.

    It cleans my ring and the charms. It works pretty good.

    Also I know some buys cleaning cloth from Tiffany. That might work too.
  3. When the metal charms get dull & sometimes, turn to a light brown color, I just use a fuzzy cloth (for cleaning glasses). It makes my hardware shiny & new again & of course, if it's gentle enough for your glasses, it's gentle enough for the hardware. Try that. I don't think it's necessary to send it to a specialist. Good luck!