Suggestions for Checkbook Cover?

Jun 16, 2006
So...husband wants to get me a NEW purse (although I am still eyeing one in the MP!) for Christmas. :yahoo:

I like carrying a wallet and a checkbook separately. Do you have any suggestions for a simple checkbook cover? I saw one from LV that's very pretty brown with credit card holders but I don't really need those since I'll have my wallet.

Thoughts? Ideas???

Oh, and it doesn't have to be "designer" (*cough* passerby *cough* etsy) lol.
LV also has a checkbook cover without the credit card slots. It's called the "simple checkbook."

Brighton has some too, but they also have some credit card pockets.
I love the fabric etsy covers posted. But wouldn't they get dirty easily if you kept them in your bag?

The funny thing is, they don't even accept checks most places here anymore. It's such an outdated payment method :P
Another funny thing is how you need a separate ID to use your credit card in the US. Here the ID is printed on the back of the card. :kiss:
I'm an outdated kind of gal! ROFL

I love writing checks - I always have. I'm not sure why. Most of the grocery stores accept them in my area. And of course when I pay bills (the ones I don't pay online).

I have two fabric wallets from Etsy artists and I didn't notice them getting any dirtier than any other wallet I've had. Plus, I think I can throw them in the wash - but I have to check to see if the plastic used for the coin part would be okay. hmmm...

Passerby---those two covers would go perfect with my tote from Etsy!
they are pretty covers. I'm actually a bit fascinated with checks, but that's only because I've never had a chance to own a checkbook (I'm 23, and checks disappeared way before I had a chance to use them) I vaguely remember my mom using checks when I was a kid. It's all about debit cards here, and of course, credit cards. :kiss:
Keya, I have a couple of fabric card cases from Etsy sellers and they don't get dirty easily. Megan, believe it or not, I had your lovely tote from ShabbyPineCottage in mind when I suggested those two covers :smile:

Here's a cover that someone who can't decide if she prefers stripes or dots might go for:
Etsy :: Checkbook Cover