Suggestions for Chanel bag for business trip

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  1. hi ladies
    recently, i travel a lot for work and meet customers. i want to get a bag which is durable and worry free. i have 2 chanel bags now, one is the beige medium caviar flap bag and another is grey lambskin timeless petit bag. however, the beige flap is too small and i don't prefer taking lambskin bags (the weather is too unstable for taiwan). so i need to find another bag to fill my needs

    since i need to bring my labtop in the stupid IBM labtop bag, i don't need a very large handbag (since it'll make me look silly in 2 large bags with my suit). i want something which is subtle (not too loud in front of customers) but also durable. any suggestions?

    indeed, prada nylon is a good choice too (ok, my bag collection is changing from pure LV to a mix of prada and chanel). ;)

    i spot a le marais flap bag today, struggling whether i should get it, but seems price is not cheap for a non-leather bag (ok, i know it's cheap for a chanel)...

    thanks :P
  2. I think the PST or GST in caviar leather is a great bag or travel. I would choose black. It will go with everything and he caviar leather is very durable. Also they do hold alot and are convenient for whipping out passports etc.
  3. Lucky you with 2 Chanels! =) What about a reissue in 277?
  4. i was gonna suggest a Gst-- it looks ver business like and would go with your suits or a medallion tote.
  5. I agree, GST is good for traveling and for business meetings etc.
  6. I use a reissue (227)with business attire. I love the way it pulls the professional attire together. I think the gst or pst is nice too, but I dont apprreciate labels on my bag when Im meeting with families at work.
  7. The GST is great, but it's heavy and since you're going to be lugging around your laptop bag, it's something to keep in mind. The Marais flap is nice, but if you don't like the idea of coated canvas, then I understand.
    How about a Jumbo caviar flap? It's Simple, classic, and surprisingly durable. It's also much larger than the medium/large flap you already have. The 227 reissue is also a great look for business.
    Other's I can suggest, the Cerf tote (leather), Melrose flap or Paris Biarritz ligne (coated canvas), cloudy bundle (leather), medallion tote (leather). I'm sure others will come along and suggest more.
    Good luck w/ your decision.
  8. if you're just looking for a small purse, i'd recommend the reissue flaps. it goes great with business attire, and there are no fancy logos.

    the cerf also looks great for business ..but it holds a lot more stuff, and it's more of a briefcase-y look.

    good luck!
  9. I use my GST while traveling. It's large enough to hold the essential items, plus a book and some snacks for the flight.
  10. i would second the recommendation for something black, matted and understated like the cerf tote (it's a very "i-mean-business" look there). to me the reissues are more of head-turners (even though the logo's subtle) because of the bijoux chain. :smile:
  11. I would go with the Cerf.
  12. cerf tote!
  13. cerf tote is very subtle and classy! =]
  14. oh yeah, cerf is also very business like -- can it be carried -- shoulder type?
  15. cerf tote.... it holds alot and you can always stick a smaller one in it.