Suggestions for carrying Currency ONLY other than Key/Coin Pouch

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  1. #1 Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
    So I'm working on my agenda -- adding the pages, etc and I've realized that even with the zip pouch & added cc holder, it's just too small to hold my money (paper and coin) -- I was thinking of getting a key/coin pouch to use instead, but the more I think about that, I think that will be too small too -- what do you guys suggest as "nice" coin/currency holder? That's all I need to put inside -- no cc's or ID -- those will fit in my agenda just fine -- all I need is a place to put my money & I'm all set -- (don't say a ZC either -- the whole idea is to put away the ZC for a little while and experiment with something new!!)

    What do you guys think about the "Birdie" (I think that's the name) -- which I saw at Nordies? I know it has a long strap, but isn't is detachable? I think the Eugenie is too large, but then again, maybe not -- Help!:confused1::confused1:

    ETA: It's actually the "Handy" that I was thinking about (not Birdie!)

  2. how about the handy? the birdie has a longer strap. not sure if it can be removed.


    what about the double-faced wallet?


    or the medium wallet?

  3. I guess I was right the first time when I called it the Birdie -- I found the pic of the Handy which looks the same, but you're right -- the one I saw at Nordies had a full shoulder strap, not a wrist strap.

    I don't really want to do a full size wallet (I actually have a black billfold that's similar to those last two) -- but the Handy might actually work -- either that or maybe a flat case? (altho that might be too large)

    Do you guys agree with me that the coin/key pouch will be too small or am I wrong to think that?
  4. ^If you only need a place for bills and coins, I don't think the key pouch is too small. What color are you thinking of getting?
  5. grey -- of course! I need SOMETHING in grey!!
    you really don't think the key/coin pouch will be too small?
    I usually carry quite a bit of currency with me, not to mention loose change (I like to have $1-2 in loose change) -- my first thought was that it would be too small, but then I started to wonder.
  6. um...charge everything...
  7. LOL -- :nogood: sorry, I don't own a single cc! it's cash or debit for me!
  8. then debit it hon! :P ....sorry....i dont know what else to suggest as IMHO i think it's a bit of a PITA to carry the agenda + something else for $$....i personally like to have all my stuff in one area, so the ZC is just awesome for that!
  9. i think everything will fit in the key pouch.
  10. Unless you carry a wad of cash like this:


    then you should be fine:graucho:. I have the resort 07 grey one and I can fit my ID's, some CC's and some cash and it still wasn't too jampacked. One thing that made me give it to my little sister is the pushlock. The idea of constantly using the pushlock in and out and scratching it drove me nuts. I'm a bit OC like that :P.
  11. haha! thanks for the visual aid, xi. that always helps. :P
  12. Xi, did you sneak into my wallet and take a picture of my benjamins, yo?
  13. ^:P You know it! No wonder your rose ZC is bulging at the seams. You should NEVER stuff that much money in it!
  14. ^^Then I should probably empty out my Rose ZC as well! :P
  15. rollin' like a gangsta!:jammin::supacool: