Suggestions for care package to my friend with cancer

  1. A very close friend of mine just had surgery for colon cancer. They found a 2 cm growth. They think they got it in time, but she will have to have at least radiation, maybe chemo after.

    She lives in Vienna and I am trying to put together a care package for her. I need some good suggestions for stuff to send that will fit easily in a package that will make her feel good. I am already planning to send her some of the apricot jam I just made but need some other ideas?

    Thanks Girls
  2. I'm so sorry to hear :o(

    One thing I'd recommend is some yummy teas if she's a tea drinker. I used to buy that for my grandmother all the time when she was fighting her cancer. It's just something relaxing and tasty. I'd almost also include like a lap blanket or something along those lines, another thing I noticed with my grandmother - she was always cold!

    Most importantly, pack it full of love. Believe me, anything you'd include would touch her heart.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Katie, that already helps!!

    I already told her I'd come to Vienna to see her when her treatment is over so we can celebrate. I figure that is a good way to keep her going and gives her something positive to look forward to.
  4. When I had my spinal fusion, a friend of my mom's sent me a square box. When I opened it up, I found the cutest teddy bear! That comforted me quite a bit.

    (Maybe send her a little stuffed friend to keep her company.)
  5. Also try sending some goofy photos of you & your family holding up signs with encouraging words or things your friend would find humorous. My Best Friend of 40 years found these to be her favorite part of the care basket.That & the body pillow we made with a huuuuge pic of Brendan Fraser as Hermes on it.
  6. Send her some magazines, DVDs, Sudoku books, etc. I'm sure she'll be in bed for some time recovering. That will give her some things to do when she's up for it.
  7. A journal might be nice. My uncle gave one to my mother while she was fighting cancer, and she used it as a place where she could write down her thoughts and fears that she didn't feel comfortable sharing with others.
  8. My closest girl friend has breast cancer, and her most favorite gift I gave her was a pair of real warm snuggly pj's and really fuzzy socks to match, she was soooo cold all of the time from chemo. Lots of well wishes from me to your friend. Good Luck roo!
  9. These are great suggestions! Also, can I add a hat, like a cashmere or soft wool hat cause her head is going to get cold too.
  10. Food is kinda the last thing you want to send..I am Going thru chemo with a family I know personally.He is always sick to his stomach.Sucking candies,manicure/pedicure kit when they are in bed bored..magazines,books if they like to read( especially something they are interested in)a really cool scarf for her head...something that matches her personality.
    ...and MOST importantly..I really think this makes a point...a card showing your support to call you at anytime to just listen when she is losing it.and she will so have those moments.Support is the biggest thing you can give her.I think sucking candies are great too because my FIL had mouth sores alot from his treatments and couldnt eat alot of food but liked candies.
    Good luck..I know how hard it is to watch them....not fair.poor things.
  11. Or one of those "magic pen" Believe It Or Not books. (Someone I worked with was going through chemo. I didn't want to do anything too complicated, but I also didn't want to insult their intelligence by giving them something really simple, either.)
  12. these are all such good ideas, i don't think i have any more, but i wish you and your friend much luck through this difficult time...
  13. PMed you :smile:
  14. I manage an oncology practice and let me say that you girls are great. all of these items.. for ex. the warm socks..hat.. blanket.. good reading etc are def. great things to include. she will be very touched.!!
  15. Get her something that's not available there maybe. Something funny but not big.