Suggestions for bridesmaid hairstyle

  1. Hi all,

    So this weekend I am a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding :yahoo: I'm going to get my hair done for the first time ever, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some classy but fun hairstyles for the wedding. I have shoulder-length layered hair. I'd like something with a bit of curl, but not all curly because I seem to have a hard time keeping curls in. Thanks! :smile:
  2. Fun! Not sure if you wanted everything up or down...but i suggest these cute styles...[​IMG]
    Anything with a pomp is very popular...
    This is a good one too...

    just to show a few...
  3. I really like a simple twist with a side-part. It's elegant, classic, it photographs well and it looks good on just about everyone. I always get talked into weird curly up-do's and then I regret it. Remember that whatever you do will live on forever in pictures!
  4. Oooh, I really love the first one! I just don't want to take over Amy's hair spotlight. I want something... mature, but fun. Thanks for the photos and replies!
  5. Maybe you could wear it down and wavy with some kind of flower on the side to match the colour of your dress.

    Abit like this..
  6. this is kinda what i did for my cousin's wedding i was just in last month. anyone who slightly knows how to do hair can do it because the girl that did my hair wasn't a professional stylist or anything

  7. [​IMG]


    Those are both cute:tup:

    You could even wear your hair out with some curls and a flower or something.

    or pull it into a loose sideponytail.
    That would be cute:smile: