Suggestions for black sunnies? Help!

Jun 18, 2012
In the last few months I’ve lost two of my favorite pair of glasses. I literally lost these Prada sunglasses a few months ago. A1E2B45F-6890-4193-8627-62C2C330935C.jpeg Then yesterday, my Dior Volute 2 sunglasses were broken. :crybaby: 72D6430D-33C4-4E27-B8A6-A4212A524AFA.jpeg

These two pair were my “ go to” sunnies.

Because I was content with my collection, I haven’t really looked at sunglasses in a couple of years. So, help! I need your suggestions on replacements.

They have to be:
• Black with shw
• More of a glam shape and style even if they are simple in design : cat eye, larger rounded square, etc. vs small, angular, etc.

Other than that, I’m open. :smile:Embellishment or plain, lens color, etc.

Help, help, help!