Suggestions for black patent bag?

  1. Hi, I am quite new to the forum. Started reading in Dec and have acquired my first Chloe Paddy and two Botkiers from the information posted by other PFers :yahoo: . Now I would like to get a black patent bag, not too large, something like the mini betty in black patent. Hope to hear some suggestions of other alternative bags available in patent ... Thanks !
  2. Kooba has a couple of cute new bags for spring. Not sure if they are technically patent leather but they sure are shiny.

    Kooba - PinkMascara
  3. I have the Kooba Parker bag in black and I love it. I was told by the SA to keep it separate from your other bags, because the patent color may rub off on other bags (not just Kooba but for all patents). The Kooba Parker bag is at Pink Mascara (the link is noted in a previous response to this thread.
  4. I saw some lovely Furla patent bags in a catalogue yesterday for Spring 07 - worth a look.
  5. moschino.jpg

  6. There's an awesome one in the Feb InStyle issue. It was quoted as $450, but I have yet to see it on the Furla website.
  7. This one made me blink :rolleyes: from eLuxury - Yummy !


    FendiCracked Patent Leather Spy Bag$2,270.00
    • Cracked patent leather with woven leather trim
    • Polished silver metal hardware with Fendi engraving
    • Tonal topstitching
    • Braided leather shoulder straps with thorn-like knots; 5.5" drop
    • Braided leather handle with cracked patent leather strap
    • Mirrored hidden compartment in loop of flap closure
    • Secret coin purse in flap closure
    • Braided leather piping
    • Zucca print canvas lining
    • 17"x 9"x 7"
    • Made in Italy
  8. Thank you for all those great suggestions !
    I looked at the Kooba Natasha but thought it was too big. Was not aware there is a smaller patent by Kooba.
  9. How about Hogan:


    I saw this bag in black at my local Neiman's...very understated and cute.
  10. Anya Hindmarch carker bag, on sale $560