Suggestions for black leather slouchy shoulder bag...

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  1. So I'm looking for a large-ish shoulder bag with a slouchy, unstructured shape - not necessarily full on hobo though - and I want it to have REALLY nice quality leather, like Chloe nice. I like bold silver/nickel tone hardware, kind of like Tylie Malibu minus all the damn rhinestones. I don't need or want a big logo. Nothing delicate or girly, but with good attention to details.

    Ideas??? Help!!!
  2. one word- carly! try coach
  3. Be & D Crawford has the same shape as those Tylie Malibu bags...I don't know where to find one in black, though. I 2nd the Belen Echandia nomination. Love Me sounds like it would fit your needs. Maybe also a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo (comes in either gold or silver hardware):

  4. You might also want to consider Linea Pelle. Really nice leather, pretty slouchy and not a really high price point.
  5. Balenciaga day bag!!! Great leather and slouchy
  6. Hmmm...balenciaga or rebecca minkoff hobo