Suggestions for big totes?? (first Gucci bag)........

  1. Hi guys.... I usually post in the LV section, but I decided to come here!

    I was at the Gucci on 5th Ave. in NY with my Mom and saw some cute totes..................

    Does anyone have suggestions for my first gucci bag??

  2. Hmm well here are some for you to lok at and start out with:

    This is gorgeous... its new for the fall

    Love this new britt tote



    This abbey tote is gorgeous( i'm getting it in the gunmetal trim)

    The is the jolicouer tote( I have it in the medium)

  3. thanks!

    anyone else?
  4. If I had to pick one this would be the one.

  5. I love the Signoria but I was just looking at it this past weekend at Saks and, in my opion, if you want a big tote- this just isn't all that big.

    I like the britt and the large abbey though (I hopefully have the large abby coming in the mail in black actually)
  6. the abbey tote is lovely :tup:
  7. the joliceour tote is great. also, i just bought a tote that is on the website- it's considered luggage. it's fantastic! take a look at the website under luggage
  8. [​IMG]i like this..i just bought it in the gunmetal trim..will post pics tonight!
    [​IMG]i tried this one on...but then the sides opened too wide! it looked like a shopping tote to me!
  9. that is a great idea- I think this one is great:
    althought I like this one too:
    (white might be a bit hard to keep clean though I suppose)
  10. signoria and abbey are my two top picks. i love the signoria...ahhh! it looks wonderful, and i like all the other ones too....i'm in love!
  11. I would definitely go the Abbey tote with the cream trim. I have one myself and I love it.
  12. I love the abbey tote in the gunmetal!
  13. I like the abbey too ! Does it fit over the shoulder comfortably ?
  14. i have the britt tote in black, the biggest size, from the spring. i think they are selling it again for fall. the gucci store in boston told me it has been very popular, and now i see why! i am pretty hard on this bag, i take it everywhere and load it down with my laptop, books, etc and it still looks like the day i bought it---no lie! I would recommend it in black or the brown for more casual-ness, if you like.
  15. I like joliceour tote or abbey shoulder bag.