suggestions for balenciaga work bag?

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City? Twiggy? Work bag?

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  2. Twiggy

  3. WORK?

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  1. the work is perfect for papers, files, and other work related stuff, but i honestly think it's not the best choice for a laptop. i have put my apple macbook inside of a sleeve and carried it in my work and weekender. it's okay when carried by hand, but i like to carry my bags on my shoulders. it really hurts when carried after awhile, so i would say yes only if it's not for long period of time.
  2. What about the Shopping Tote, thats one of my "wants" (an Ink one please)...I plan on using that as a briefcase when I locate the one i want.
  3. definitely "the work" :smile: haha
  4. I use my 06 Black Shopping for work - easily carries lunch, shoes, personal items and has room for more.
  5. Im an attorney and trying to mix my love for funky bags with the need for a large enough one to keep all my things in....Balenciaga WORK seems perfect. Does anyone know if styledrops sells authentic bags? judging by the prices, I would assume so!!

  6. My fav Bbag is my Ink Work !
    This color is amazing and the size is great for an everyday use
  7. If you're comfortable with not buying in person, I suggest anthracite or steel as a great alternative to black.
  8. I had an ink work and really regret that I did let it go so I vote for ink. Now I also want a 05 black one so...
  9. I would go for INK! Its a super gorgeous & stunning color! Love my Ink Twiggy deeply!
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