suggestions for balenciaga work bag?

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City? Twiggy? Work bag?

  1. City

  2. Twiggy

  3. WORK?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. LOL cougess! I'm sure you are right on that. And I work in no man's land. No one knows any designer bags in my neck of the woods :smile:
  2. precisely the reason i love bags more than any other fashion item is because they have the ability to give any outfit, in any situation, individuality. i wear a uniform to work, but i can carry any bag i want, it's my little piece of me. i say rock your bag!
  3. Why not? It's good to spice things up a little once in a while.
  4. Hi Ladies,

    I am decided I would like to go for Rouge red or Black color for my B bag! I work in a bank and honestly I dont have much to bring with me but sometimes i might bring some A4 document with me for training.

    I used to own a City bag.. I found I prefer Twiggy more since it is more comfy on shoulder.. and I've been looking at the Work bag lately, seems very comfy on shoulder and can even use on my holiday!

    So.... I need your opinion, will you pick the twiggy? work? or City?
  5. definitely the work ^^ :tender:
  6. i totally voted for a WORK!!! i'm completely in LOVE with the WORK at the moment and YOU should get one!
  7. Choosing is cruel....for the bag AND you!

    Since you seem happy about using the Work for holiday AND you find it comfy on your shoulder, sounds like that is your answer. IF you like how it looks for day to day.
  8. i am 5'4" will that be too big for me? cos I am not very familiar with the size of the work ( sadly, no balenciaga retailer at NZ.. )

    just wonder is the city or twiggy is more roomy?

  9. :lol: i'm just 5'1 and i plan to get a WORK very soon - SO no way is it going to look big on you!!! you should always wear your BAG your way and enjoy it!!!!!
    have a look in the PICTURES ONLY thread - you'll see lots of tPF members wearing their b-bags... :wlae: this should be able to help ya out!
  10. City is more roomy but Twiggy is still VERY roomy.
  11. I voted for work! I have two work bags and I love them :heart: !!
  12. I voted for the work too. I have 2 works and they are just fine on me and I'm only 5'2". They look just a bit bigger than the city, but they look a lot more slouchy (which I like).
  13. work
  14. I'm 5.4 and just got my nfirst work in rouge vif and I just love the size! But I can only fit it on my shoulder without a coat and I don't have big arms. I'm fine with it to carry it in the crook of my arm.
    The twiggy will be my next Bbag as I don't own one.
  15. work! yummy....
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